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EaseUS Todo Backup 9.0 - features

  Forum Editor 23:46 23 Feb 2016

Now that you have installed the software, perhaps we can explore some of the features - has anyone tried cloning a partition to another drive?

  martd7 17:35 24 Feb 2016

Ive done a full system back up of 832gb to my external hd,left image setting on normal it was compressed to 297gb and took just over an hour to complete

I then ran the "image check" program which took47mins and found no errors with the back up image

  Ventad 14:56 25 Feb 2016

Just cloned C drive to external drive, took 68 mins and auto turned off when finished as I left it to run whilst walking the dog. Turned on computer checked log said successful.

  bumpkin 19:38 26 Feb 2016

Ventad, have you tested it as I tried the clone to 2 separate hdds and neither of them would boot.

  Ventad 07:51 27 Feb 2016


No I have not tried that will do that later on this morning and report back.

  Ventad 16:59 27 Feb 2016


I could not get the cloned External HD to boot, tried everything like pressing shift key in windows10 and clicking restart, then clicking on USB stick/HD came up with "Disk failed start up" went into BIOS changed settings for start up 5secs, also changed start up to USB HD , to no avail . Did not change legacy settings as when I clicked on this it said to alter this you might not be able to restart your computer, I thought this was a step too far at the moment.

  Forum Editor 10:16 28 Feb 2016

One of the features of the software is the ability to perform a dedicated Outlook backup and restore. If you are using outlook, can you please test this aspect of the program, and provide feedback on your experience.

  TopCat® 16:43 28 Feb 2016

Today I did a system image of my pc but was concerned that MS Outlook might not be included on it. I then immediately used the option to back up my MS Outlook files just for my own peace of mind! They are a major item for me which I cannot afford to lose! TC.

  QuizMan 20:33 28 Feb 2016

When I ditched Acronis True Image after it became unreliable and unuseable, I switched to previous versions of this software. So I was keen to see what has changed. The answer is, not a lot. That is no bad thing because I rate this quite highly.

I tend to carry out weekly backups and I like to be in control of what I do and when. This software lets me do just that. I use most of the backup features although cloning I do once in a blue moon because of the length of time it takes. To date I have backed up 17Gb of photos to a USB3 stick in 6 minutes plus a full data backup to a USB3 external hard drive in about 30 minutes. That is 130Gb compressed to 110Gb. Outlook took a minute and a half to the same USB hard drive and a system back up in 8 minutes, once again to the same drive. Finally I undertook a disk/partition backup of my SSD drive that contains the operating system and prorgramme files which was completed in 25 minutes covering 245Gb of data.

I did try to clone the C drive, but gave up after 3 hours when it reported it still had 5 hours to go. Admittedly it was to a USB2 external hard drive, but I was disappointed at how long it was due to take. More on that in a moment.

Where I think that this software lets itself down is the inaccuracy of the estimated time remaining. In all honesty, other back up software I have used were no better; certainly that was true with Acronis True Image. I remember my disk/partition back up reporting anything from 28 minutes to 59 minutes and back to 29 minutes before actually taking 25 minutes. I just find this frustrating. When I stopped the cloning, I had no confidence about the estimated time at all. It varied wildly during the whole process.

To finish this report, I did try the recovery mode. I "lost" a data file by renaming it and recovered it successfully and most speedily. Also I recovered my Outlook file to a temporary folder that I created. This too worked flawlessly and I was able to read the e-mails and calendar items without even opening Outlook itself.

  Aitchbee 16:43 03 Mar 2016

I have just successfully replaced an old, noisy Seagate 'Barracuda' 80gb Sata hard drive with a brand new, bigger capacity drive [and it's much quieter]; this is what I did.

I bought a 250gb seagate sata hard drive and also a 3-way sata connecting cable ... one end connects to the hard drive, the thin sata connector plugs in to an empty sata port on the motherboard and the remaining white-plastic-4-pin-connector plugs into a spare power lead from the power supply.

After pressing F2 to get into the Bios settings, I made sure that the second Sata Port on the motherboard was turned on, so that the newly connected drive would be 'seen' by the computer!

One other thing I had to do before using the cloning feature in Easeus Todo Backup Home, was to create a partition on the new drive and give it a label; this is where Minitools Partition Pro - which we tested last month - came in handy.

With all the preparations done I now selected clone and decided to use the 'sector by sector' method. After about 33minutes the job was done.

With the computer switched off, I then disconected the old drive's sata conection and plugged in the new drive's sata connection so that there was now only one hard drive working inside the computer. I then re-entered the Bios and changed them back to what they were before.

I used the Trial version for the above procedure on a Dell Dimension 5000 desktop, 1gb and running W7 ultimate 32-bit, as I had already installed the Full version on my XP computer.

The program under test appears to be good at cloning hard drives as long as you know exactly what preparation is required to ensure that everthing goes smoothly ;o]

  Aitchbee 16:52 03 Mar 2016

I forgot to say that I was able to extend the size of the partition on the newly cloned drive using Minitool's Partition Pro.

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