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Bit Defender 2018 beta test

  Forum Editor 07:29 03 Jun 2017

This is for those of you who are testing the new beta of Bit Defender 2018. Did you have any problems with installing the software?

  Alex Bitdefender 09:11 16 Jun 2017


It will be my pleasure to continue to send the feedback posted here to our Devel team and I will also do my best to get as mush additional info, for potential troubleshooting.

If users will not submit the feedback via the Beta Central account,the only major consequence is that they will not have a chance at winning one of the prizes for the Beta contest. Everyone on this thread will,however, receive the 1 year subscription for Bitdefender 2018, as stated from the very start :)

  Alex Bitdefender 09:11 16 Jun 2017

Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that Monday, June 19th, a new build update will be released. New features will be available for Bitdefender 2018 Beta:

· Advanced Threat Defense new UI

· Safe files for Windows

· Firewall new UI

· Parental Advisor for Mac

Thank you and good luck!

  QuizMan 17:47 16 Jun 2017

Alex - thank you for your continued input, but having read the requirements for posting to Bitdefender Central, I think they are too onerous and I have taken this y=test as far as I wish to do so. I am still getting ransomware messages from unlikely sources and I am struggling a bit with SafePay which I quite liked at first - e.g. I cannot find a way to download a PDF statement; SafePay does not seem to respond to my clicks. Nice as it would be to win a MS Surface Pro I shall have to pass on that.

Anyway I will be happy to try the published version when it appears, but I am withdrawing now and going back to Norton.

  andy258 09:11 18 Jun 2017

I have had nothing but grief with Bitdefender. It has the best reviews in terms of being effective, robust, etc, however, I agree downloading and registering it is a pain. Also, when I had it installed, it really slowed by laptop down. I researched about this, noting various internet posts about this. In the end, I took it off my laptop and I am now back to Microsoft Security Essentials, however, I am concerned that it is not the best antivirus and I could do better. Do any of you guys have any recommendations for an antivirus that is better than Microsoft Security Essentials, but is not heavy on memory. BTW - I tried Avast and hated it and I'm not keen on AVG!

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