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Bit Defender 2018 beta test

  Forum Editor 07:29 03 Jun 2017

This is for those of you who are testing the new beta of Bit Defender 2018. Did you have any problems with installing the software?

  Forum Editor 17:29 05 Jun 2017

By way of an update, I have invited the Bit Defender Community Specialist to join us here, and make comments on our feedback.

  Alex Bitdefender 10:05 07 Jun 2017

Hello everyone! I would like to thank you all for your feedback and participation.

I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the work FE has done. We had a wonderful communication and he was very kind and accurate in sharing the info posted before this thread began.

Before I begin to answer some of your questions/concerns, I would like to make a brief introduction that will explain why some things are a bit different than what you're used to, regarding beta testing.

I'm going to assume that no one used Bitdefender in the past, specifically the 2016 or 2017 edition. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Before BD 2016, our registration/authentication system was the following: - customer receives a license key after purchase - customer downloads Bitdefender, then uses the key to activate the software. - the registration step is repeated on each machine, using the same key, if it's a multi-device key. Nothing special there, just basic license-based registration. :)

With the release of Bitdefender 2016, a new platform was created, called Bitdefender Central, and a new authentication system - subscription based.

The customer receives an activation code, after purchase. The code is inserted in Central and it's transformed in a subscription. Activation is only performed once. After that, the user can deploy (install) Bitdefender on the desired machine/machines, as many time as he wants (reinstalls), and the software will always be active and the end of the install - because it's linked to the subscription in the Central account. There are many advantages that come with the subscription based system, but I am not going to go over them. My purpose here is not to convince anyone, or sell any particular idea. I wish to help you and answer your questions,particularly since this can be a new experience/system for some.

Because of the subscription based system, a Central account, or in this case Central Beta account, is mandatory for deploying Bitdefender. The account doesn't have to contain ANY private info. For testing purposes, one can create a one-time email account which can be used for the Central account.

The fact that Bitdefender 2017 is installed first is part of the testing.

@QuizMan - Upgrade is free. It was so and always be free for any user with an active subscription, no matter how many days are on it.

When Bitdefender 2018 will be released, in July, there will be a very large number of users who have Bitdefender 2017 installed and an active subscription for it. They will not have to purchase again because they already have validity time left in their Central account. Everyone using Bitdefender 2016 and 2017 will benefit from the new upgrade system, which will be a large build update that will "transform" Bitdefender 2016/2017 into Bitdefender 2018 (after a system restart).

As you can probably know, upgrade should not be confused with renewal, or upsell, or anything commercial. We will not discuss any commercial issues here. In the past, upgrading Bitdefender was a bit difficult: - uninstall previous edition using our uninstall tool - restart the system - download the install package for the latest edition and basically performing a fresh install.

This new type of upgrade, via build update, is something we're very excited about because it will save users time and effort and, being an important new feature, it was included in the Beta test.

So much for "brief introduction" :)) This message has become very long and I am sorry about that. Thank you all for reading it.

I will follow up shortly with answers to the questions/suggestions you've posted.

There is one more thing that I wish to kindly ask you: have yo checked out the Testing Guidelines,located here: click here, available for each platform?

Thanks again!

  Alex Bitdefender 11:31 07 Jun 2017

As mentioned before, here's the follow-up regarding the questions/suggestions you've posted.

  • Error 404 on "What's new in Bitdefender 2018" > known issue. Our still working on that webpage.

@Sapins: If you wish to give Bitdefender Beta 2018 another chance, please let me know. Regardless of your decision, I will make sure you will receive a subscription for Bitdefender 2018. Everybody who reached this thread is entitled to that. If you do wish to try again, please reinstall Bitdefender Beta and tell me what did you mean by "All I have is the anti virus protection, how do I move on from this?". Thank you!

@QuizMan: - not receiving warning about Norton > that is normal. Bitdefender's setup will detect and attempt to remove other security solutions. If, for any reason, it fails to do so,then it will inform the user why install was not successful, i.e. the name of the antivirus that could not be removed.

  • More details about "anonymous usage reports" > that is a great suggestion.Details about this are present in the EULA and the product User Guide, but I think it would be useful to have the possibility to learn about it via the UI.

  • More details about Wallet > these can be found in the "Privacy"dashboard of the Bitdefender GUI and in the browser's extensions section. The suggestion to display more info in the pop-up itself has a lot of merit also.

Please be sure you submit these (Wallet and anonymous usage report suggestion) in a feedback,so that it will reach our devel team. I will also do that, but it's very useful to send feedback, officially, to have a chance at winning one of the prizes.

  • Bitdefender auto-start > it works as intended. The service that holds the GUI, Wallet, sys tray icon is called "bdagent". To improve performance, on Windows 10 PCs,these service has been set up to start after Windows and all other services are loaded. Bdagent is not responsible for protection. That role belong to "vsserv", the virus shield. That service is active from the moment Windows starts loading. Thus, full antivirus and anti-malware protection is ensured even before the GUI, or the sys tray icon become active. The user is nor vulnerable during this time. We also have a KB article about this and I will post a link to it as soon as I receive confirmation from FE that it's OK to do so.

@asmara0208: i'm not exactly sure what happened during the first install,when you kept receiving the "services are not responding" message. My best guess is that something happened during the install. Sorry I don't have an proper diagnosis on that. Is everything alright now?

If I missed anything, I apologize and I kindly ask you to point it out to me, as well as ask any other details.

Thank you very much!

  QuizMan 09:50 08 Jun 2017

Alex - many thanks for the clarification about the various points I raised. It has mollified some of my concerns and helped to clear up others.

The usual procedure on the forum is for FE to ask soon for our observations about the product in normal use. I do still have concerns in that regard because I am finding I am having to undertake more manual intervention than I am used to in order to get things running in a stable manner. This was something I was not experiencing with Norton, but more on that when the time comes.

  Alex Bitdefender 16:15 08 Jun 2017

You are very welcome, QuizMan. I look forward to your update on the matter, especially details about extra intervention required to stabilize things.

  Forum Editor 18:01 08 Jun 2017

We are having problems with forum performance at the moment, and it is slowing the process as far as posts are concerned. I suggest that we wait overnight, and see how things are on Friday.

  Forum Editor 07:04 09 Jun 2017

Now that the forum performance is back to normal, I think we should move on to discuss any problems with the beta software in normal use.

Perhaps I can kick off that discussion by saying that the computer on which I installed the beta suddenly started giving browser problems - pages were taking a very long time to load, and I could see that Google Chrome was 'trying to establish a secure connection' all the time.

Moving to a machine with no Bit Defender installed, Chrome's performance was perfect. I tried uninstalling Bit Defender on the original machine, and Chrome instantly started performing well again.

  QuizMan 09:00 09 Jun 2017

As I am away for a week, this is going to be more bullet point than structured information - sorry.

  • I agree with FE about the major hit on web browsing

  • MS Outlook (part of Office 365) seems to have problems since installing Bitdefender. If I try to swap from the default e-mail address to another that I use, Outlook becomes unresponsive. Coincidence? Turning off the firewall seems to solve it, but that is not what should be necessary. I have now added Outlook.exe to the Whiteleist of trusted applications and that seems to work OK now with the firewall running.

  • I had to block port scanning to speed up web browsing. Whether I need that security with the router hardware firewall is debatable, but Norton handled it OK. It is still desperately slow at first launch, but better thereafter.

  • I have had several issues with what I presume are false ransom-ware flags. Examples are Steam, winzip.exe and foxitreader.exe. Also, one bizarre event was when I tried to download the Bitdefender pdf user guide (for 2017 version) and save it to the desktop. A message popped up saying I had no permissions to do that and a ransomware warning flashed up by the task bar. I found that Foxitreader.exe was in the list of Bitdefender blocked applications. I added it to the trusted list, but surely it should not have been blocked in the first place.

  • I explored why the interface seems too slow. I suspected the firewall and that was what the user guidance was suggesting too. I checked the firwall configuration and it was set to "public" which I changed to "home/office". It struck me as as odd that "public" seems to be the dafault setting.

  • I thought I would try to find out more about configuration, using the 2017 user guide. In particular I was not sure what autopilot mode was and the interface seems to have no help links or mouse-overs. (I think it should.) In essence it takes away the need for user interaction with the security suite. It states "This means you will see no pop-ups, no alerts and you will not have to configure any settings whatsoever." That was not my experience - see above and below re ransomware.

I summary, I consider myself to be above average, but who is not expert re PC literacy who just wants to set up the security package and let it get on with it. The amount of tinkering that I had to undertake needs to be reduced and the availability of mouse-over help increased. It is not always obvious what is the impact of changing settings yet with something as important as PC security I am looking for something that gives me more confidence.

Sorry this is not an especially structured response. I will monitor the forum while I am away and respond when I can, but that may be spasmodic.

  Alex Bitdefender 09:19 15 Jun 2017

Hello everybody!

Seeing this great feedback and a few tech issues gives me the chance to kindly remind you why submitting feedback, via the "Feedback" option in Bitdefender Central. There are 2 main reasons:

1) The only way to have a chance at winning our contest prizes is by submitting feedback via the official platform. Even if I forward the info you are providing here (which I did), without personally submitting your findings/suggestions, you're feedback will not be registered for the contest.

2) Our tech team's goal is to answer all tech issues/questions, regarding bugs/troubleshooting/functionality. I'm going to be honest, of course, and tell you that my colleagues in the Devel and Testing teams have way more expertise in assisting with those.

@QuizMan > you should definitely copy/paste your latest post and send the feedback. In my opinion, it's structured very nicely and contains very good details.

@Forum Editor > what are the Firewall settings, under Firewall > Adapters?

Have a wonderful day ahead!

  Forum Editor 06:12 16 Jun 2017

Alex Bitdefender

Thank you for your assistance.

Unfortunately, the majority of our volunteers appear to have found the BitDefender testing requirement to enter feedback in Bitdefender Central a problem. Our normal procedure as far as beta tests are concerned is that our testers provide feedback on this forum. I believe I mentioned this right at the start, before we agreed to carry out the testing for you.

In the past, software companies have provided a link to a download, and we have tested the beta here, in our forum, with feedback available to the company concerned.

I was happy to test the Bitdefender software myself, but frankly I do not have the time to login to a separate site when I want to provide feedback.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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