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Bit Defender 2018 beta test

  Forum Editor 07:29 03 Jun 2017

This is for those of you who are testing the new beta of Bit Defender 2018. Did you have any problems with installing the software?

  QuizMan 08:15 03 Jun 2017

I was a previous user of Norton and had been for a number of years, but it seemed good to test and alternative product. I signed up to the BitDefender beta programme and when I received the e-mail inviting me to download the install file I did so having created a user account. I know enough about security software to know that running two suites contemporaneously is not a good idea; they do not make good bed fellows. Therefore I uninstalled Norton before proceeding. However, I was concerned that I received no warning from BitdDefender to do so and this may catch out the less "wordly-wise".

After install you get the message - "Your free trial was successfully activated! After you complete the installation and sign in with your credentials, your new device will appear in the Bitdefender Central dashboard." - more about this shortly.

There a tick box to send anonymous reports which I left left ticked and ignored Custom install. There was no mention that I could find of what the significance is of leaving the tick box unchecked.

BitDefender then scanned computer "to make sure it is clean for installation" which did not take long and was provided with licence to 28/08/2017 (90 days) and I completed the 5 step brief tour - nothing too startling here.

I opened my browser, Firefox, to check that the install was functioning OK. At first browser launch, I was asked to modify Firefox by installing Bitdefender Wallet - no idea what this is and no explanation given.

Also I received the message "The owner of has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site." This has never happened before installing BitDefender and it is possible that it is coincidence, but I suspect not. Thankfully it was the only time this message occurred

As indicated in a previous FE forum post it it says I have Bitdefender Total Security 2017. But also as stated, 2018 was installed after an update.

After an update and restart, it has a welcome screen that says "What's new in Bitdefender Total Security 2018" Clicking on links for further information comes up with a 404 page not found error.

Received e-mail asking to verify my account. Took ages (sorry no timings), but completed eventually.

My biggest concern through the install process is that Bitdefender appears not auto start - or so it seemed. Worrying! However after about 40 seconds from the time that Windows appears to have started up fully, the icon appears in the taskbar and hovering over it brings up the legend "Bitdefender services are loading, please wait." This goes on for another 15 seconds or so. Does this mean my PC is unprotected if I surf the web or open e-mails and attachments in the intervening period? Also, when running CCleaner, it does not appear listed as a Windows start up program, but is listed as a Scheduled Task. It seems that Bitdefender is on a delayed start. If this is true it is a major defect that needs addressing. It is certainly nothing that happened all the time I was using Norton.

I think that is all with regard to the install. I have a few more comments to make about the programme in normal use, but that is for a later thread.

  Forum Editor 11:37 03 Jun 2017


That's what I call feedback - many thanks.

I am going to post my own experience of the install process later today.

  asmara0208 20:45 03 Jun 2017

As previously mentioned my first install did not work. I gave feedback but received no response. Getting bored with the lack of response I did a repair install that fixed the problem. At no stage did I get any messages to confirm I was part of the Beta test although I do have the 2018 version running. Got the same 404 page error as Quizman. I am running Microsoft Edge.

  Sapins 10:11 04 Jun 2017

All I have is the anti virus protection, how do I move on from this?

  Sapins 15:29 04 Jun 2017

I would like to start again, how do I do this?

  Forum Editor 18:51 04 Jun 2017


I'm not sure, and I am away from home until late this evening. I'll check in the morning, and update you then.

  Forum Editor 07:16 05 Jun 2017

Like others, I found the install process unnecessarily complicated. It should not be a requirement of testing a beta product that you go through the process of registering an account - a simple provision of an email address should be all that is needed.

I went through the process of registering, and downloaded the software. I was also surprised to be told that I now had Bit Defender 2017 installed - this was not what I signed up for - I volunteered to test a beta product.

As I write this, Bit Defender is busy downloading an update - I assume this is the beta version that has been mentioned by others. What should happen is that the beta version only is downloaded and installed, right from the start.

I am reserving judgment until I have tried the beta, but so far I have to say I am not impressed - too much time has already been taken up with an overly fussy registration.

  Sapins 08:27 05 Jun 2017

I have decided not to bother with a beta that takes you here and there just to test their product and I agree with you FE, they want unnecessary personal details. I will now try to make sure I have deleted all the information I gave them!

  QuizMan 08:33 05 Jun 2017

FE - Bitdefender mentioned in your previous cut and paste post that it installs the 2017 version initially to test the upgrade process to 2018. Personally, I usually find the cost of upgrade more pricey than buying the new version by shopping around so I never go down that route.

  Forum Editor 12:45 05 Jun 2017

Finally I arrived at the position where I was running the 2018 beta. I am happy that I am now protected, but the whole process took far too long to complete.

This is not an ideal introduction to a beta test, but I want to give the product a chance, and I am persevering. The initial scan was fast and I am confident it was thorough.

So far, there seems to be no unacceptable impact on system performance.

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