You can no longer screen shot a movie in iTunes...

  EmilyZou 04:54 16 Sep 2015

Pre-edit: Before you say it, yes, yes, DRM and Copyright - I know. I just don't like the trend.

I just tried to take a screen shot of a movie playing iTunes in order to point out something to a friend. This is something I've done a bunch of times in the past, but today I just discovered - it no longer works. Thanks to a recent OS or iTunes update - I'm not sure when it happened, but now you get this.

My plan was to use Skitch to draw over the image to draw attention to an area and share that with a friend. All in support of an eMail conversation we were having as a result of buying the movie last night from iTunes.

...I was not going to sell the image as my own. ...I was not going to blow it up to a billboard size and publicly display it. ...I was not going to rob the industry of any money it all. In fact, this is a movie I purchased in the first place.

All you have done is forced me to find a way to do this. I googled and find NoteBurner to help me remove the disgusting DRM. Only in this way, Can I get screenshots. Disappointing.

  Macworld 10:20 17 Sep 2015

I'm guessing this won't work, but you could try doing a screen cast via QuickTime and see if that worked... But I expect not!

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