Yosemite won't allow iPhoto to interact with kodak camera dock.

  Brumas 16:42 24 Nov 2014

Since downloading Yosemite I cannot transfer the pictures from my Kodak EasyShare M863 camera, via the camera dock series 3, as I normally do. iPhoto will open and go through the motions but nothing happens other then the downloading message appears.

I contacted the GeekSquad but after a long time spent on my machine they came to the conclusion it was an Apple problem which needed to be addressed in one of their updates whenever that will be! I was going to contact Apple but on being told it would cost me £25 I changed my mind!!

Any suggestions?

  Brumas 17:31 29 Nov 2014

As a workaround I bought a card reader for a couple of quid, I'll just have to wait until Apple release a patch to sort out the problem.

  Chris2210 15:15 01 Dec 2014

I'm experiencing similar problems [although not as extreme] with Aperture since installing Yosemite. It does start to load image previews for import, but sticks if there are a large number. The simple workaround is to tranfer them to the disk I'd store them on anyway [in this case a Firewire2 volume] and then 'import' them into the library [whilst actually leaving them where they are].

It's frustrating though and my whole system appears to have slowed down [it is the one at home though which is an old 24" aluminium iMac]. Other than the fact that Photos for Yosemite will be launched some time next year I can't really find any info on the situation for Aperture users. I have been using the software for a good few years and hope its functionality isn't going to disappear forcing me to migrate to Lightroom [which I don't really want to do].

Anyone know much more?

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