XP on two machines?

  Thin White Duke 21:24 05 Jan 2003
  Thin White Duke 21:24 05 Jan 2003

Hi folks,

Two pc's in the house, mine runs XP and the 'other halfs' run 98SE.

What i'd like to do is to run XP on my missus pc instead of 98.

The only question i have is the 'registration' of XP on the other pc.

Am i legally allowed to use my XP CD on another PC and register the same number by phone (as it is not connected to the internet)?

  frasernet 21:29 05 Jan 2003

afraid not, if it's 'home edition' then only 1 pc can use it, if you have 'pro' then apparently more than 1 can. bummer isnt it!

  Thin White Duke 21:31 05 Jan 2003

Aaaarggghh dammit!

Cheers anyway :(

  Chris777 21:34 05 Jan 2003

*Legally* speaking, no - that would not be permitted. Nor would it be possible since the 98 PC would have different hardware and thus generate a new installation ID, in theory.

There are, of course, many cracks freely and easily available on the 'net that disable the product activation. Not, of course, that I would ever dream of advocating, let alone using such pieces of code ;-D

  Shorty123 21:35 05 Jan 2003

I understand that if you had to re-install windows xp for some reason such as big drivers conflict, then u can ring and they will register it again, often with no questions asked.......happened to a friend of mine....

  Kalb 22:17 05 Jan 2003

Now you have me bothered.......had XP HE for Xmas as I am building a new computer. Having nothing better to do I have loaded XP alongside 98SE on the old machine to try it out before installing on the new job when its ready....are you saying that I cannot uninstall XP from the old machine and then install it on the new machine without getting someones permission !!

  ericmax 22:32 05 Jan 2003

you have got 30 days to activate if you havn't done this uninstall and put it on the new pc should be ok

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