XP machine -keeps trying to connect

  TonyM 17:29 06 Dec 2003

Just spent a frustrating couple of hours trying to fix a friends (XP Home) machine...everytime you click on a desktop icon (e.g. my docs, recycle bin etc..) the system brings up a "web page you are tring to connect to is not available" dialogue box with CONNECT or WORK OFFLINE options. Clicking on Work Offline allows My Docs (or whatever icon you clicked on) to open as normal. This happens on all user profiles..

Behaviour started a few days ago, but can't be tied down to any install or such action (or so I'm told) ...tried a system restore to a week ago (before he tells me this began) but not cured

I suspected a virus, but a complete scan with up to date viruschecker revealed nothing..

Any ideas ?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:38 06 Dec 2003

How about giving the SFC utility a go:



sfc /scannow

It may help...

  Diodorus Siculus 11:49 26 Jan 2004

Anything happen yet?

  deadneat 12:37 26 Jan 2004

maybe still scaning!

  TonyM 08:43 27 Jan 2004

managed to sort it our - it was "infected" with various bits of spware - one of which ...Searchsquire, I think it was called was responsible for all the attempts to connect ...removed using Ad aware (with latest ref file)

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