xp home machine and unable to connect to web

  Giggle n' Bits 00:19 16 Jun 2006

I have 2 xp machine,s my slightly older 3 year just even after clean reinstall of XP Home just will not connect with my broadband. Its a Dell dimension 2350 I am using a BT Voyager USB modem which I unplug from my other machine to try and get it online.

It was fairly infected with 141 spyware infection and no viruses so I resinstalled the windows xp, installed SP2 as well as the drivers I for love nor money am also unable to make a dial up connection.

With formatting and reinstall XP Home clean would any spyware stay in the background and cause this.

The spec of this machine is a little low, 128MB PC2100 (which I was going to upgrade before passing on to kids), the PSU is 200Watt, just running a DVD Rom and its a Intel 2GHz Celeron.

I thinki there must be something blocking both the connections as Dial up or Broadband won't play at all. I can dial out or with the BBand get the ADSL light on but from username or Password checking it kicks me out. I have the correct settings for the modem.

  [email protected] 09:18 16 Jun 2006

Good one. You need not have done a reinstall just to clear spyware but that's another thread.
Your PC spec won't stop you connecting to the Internet unless your modem states otherwise.
If it worked before, it should work now, so my guess is either/or/both: the Internet connection is not set up correctly - the modem software is not installed correctly.
It is not likely spyware would remain after formatting/reinstall.
I know nothing about UK BB connections but surely it's not a dial-up modem as they are usually for 56k connections? Usually one just plugs the BB modem into the phone line and that's it - it doesn't dial out as such. If you do have a dial-up modem fitted to your machine, and is necessary! - have you re-installed the driver for it.

  woodchip 09:32 16 Jun 2006

This as got to be you modem settings. check the settings and write them all down, then check the one against the settings you have wrote down

  woodchip 09:33 16 Jun 2006

Also check Start\settings\control panel\internet options\connection are same settings

  Giggle n' Bits 13:04 16 Jun 2006

the other cable end pin was broke, that little gold thing pin.

thanks woodchip

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