XP Home Machine Boot Failure

  alcudia 09:36 26 Nov 2003

Follow up from yesterdays thread click here

I now have this machine in front of me. After correcting the bios setting to enable it to boot from the the hard drive I thought I had fixed it. But apparantly this was changed on the instruction of some idiot at Time support.

Have tried to get into safe mode and get the following error

windows root>System32\ntoskrnl.exe

This file is missing or corrupt. Please reinstall a copy of the above file.

I am now thinking that there is probably nothing wrong with the hard drive and perhaps a repair of the XP installation would work. But that dosn't explain all the bad clusters that were reported.

Any advice more than welcome.


  alcudia 09:41 26 Nov 2003

Follow up. The person the machine belongs to has just told me that she tried to use the supplied Tiny recovery disc and got the message "Drive Image special edition backup not found."

So it looks like it's back to the hard drive again.

I will try fdisk and format in the absence of any more informed suggestions. Either way this recovery disc is probably never going to work again.

  alcudia 09:44 26 Nov 2003

Me again. Repair is out of the question. Only has a Tiny recovery disc which does not work.

Will have to get a new XP disc I think.

  alcudia 10:12 26 Nov 2003

Finally got it to boot from floppy after 5 attempts and tried to format.

Says recording current bad clusters

Verifying 57,23.37M

Trying to recover allocation unit. Over 60K

Format is now continuing but keeps stopping. Allocation unit figure is now over 170k.

Conclusion drive has had it.

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