Worlds fastest Power Mac G5??

  [DELETED] 00:28 14 Nov 2003

I've just read in the news that the power mac g5 as had to withdraw it's advert that claims it to be the world's fastest personal computer. This is because that the authorities said that it was mis leading consumers because it was only slightly faster and that tests was made to suit the power mac G5. So what really is the world's faster personal PC? I've recently purchased the power mac G5 on the basis of what the advert basically said, i'm thinking of canceling the order. Although i'm sure that the power mac g5 is a fast and powerful machine it's set a bad example as to the lack of knowledge that the average PC buyer is aware off. I hope this sets an example to would be PC sellers that false advertising will mean punishment. I may keep with the power mac G5 but if i find a pc that is more powerful then shouldn't i demand my money back and claim a full refund???

  [DELETED] 07:13 14 Nov 2003

If you really want/need the machine you will keep it. I am sure that you would not buy it just to brag to your mates down the pub that you jave the fastest, biggest, coolest, sturdiest, quietest machine in teh world. Just because it is slightly faster or slightly slower than the latest uber-geek computer, will not be noticeable by nere mortals and should not be of concern to any normal person.

I assume that you are running some fairly hefty video-editing programmes of MGM proportions to justufy buying this computer as that is all the computer is needed for. If so, then using the programme is much better than worrying if the machine is a bit faster then the bloke next door's.


  [DELETED] 09:09 14 Nov 2003

If Ferrai went around saying that they had the worlds fastest car, i'm sure porchse, jaguar and the rest would have something to say about that. While i still agree that the power mac g5 is an awsome machine in it's own right i think it is right that they had to withdraw the advert. Recent surveys have suggested that the average consumer still needs to brush up on their techie knowledge when buying a computer. I think that PC Manfacturers realise this and take advantage of it in selling their computers. When a PC maker brags about what processor or how much storage a PC has it's hardly going to impress someone with next to no knowledge about computers. The main selling points should be realibilty, speed, versitilaty and maybe even looks as you don't want to be a machine that's nothing but an eye sore. Anyway i hope PC Makers use a code of conduct in their selling of the PCS.

  johnnyrocker 19:31 14 Nov 2003

i cant remember on what site i saw it but a guy called steve gibson i think has a website and he posted equally comparative results which tore to shreds apples claims on speed power etc, any one else know of the site?


  spuds 19:43 14 Nov 2003

Like everything nowadays, it is the case of Buyer Beware. If the manufacturer as blaintly sold you a super dupper turbo top of the range item, which in the end is not correct. Then you have various recourses in which to get the matter sorted.Laws and consumer organizations will normally help.

  wee eddie 22:25 15 Nov 2003

I am tempted to ask if you are bragging, I have just looked back at your previous post click here and if I follow your request correctly, you have no gripe.

For the tasks that you have asked for, assuming you have purchased suitable software, it is the fastest and many of my advertising friends locally would give their eye teeth to have access to that model.

Count your lucky stars that you can afford such a dream, and point us to something you have produced when it's available.

The best of luck, with just the slightest tinge of envy. In fact positively green!!!!!

  [DELETED] 22:42 15 Nov 2003

The computer will do more than you need it to, there is no need to not buy it as there is no practical alternative.


  [DELETED] 08:13 16 Nov 2003

My gripe is not about how fast or powerful the computer is but Apple's claim of it being the world's fastest personal computer was misldeading. If as stated in my previous post i had bought the poweroid machine and that was in essence faster than the power mac g5 then i would have made a bad decision in purchasing the power mac g5. It's virtually imposible for a pc manafacturer to claim they have the world's fastest pc as there's always something more powerful coming out the next month. My gripe with the power mac g5 is not with the machine but the blatantly false advertising. I know the power mac g5 is still one of the worlds fastest and powerful PC and will more than suit my needs.

  wee eddie 08:54 16 Nov 2003

What is advertised one week, is obviously a hostage to fortune.

At the time, the advert was probably correct.

The following week, Poweroid could have put out exactly the same claim, followed a week later by Carrera or Mesh.

I am sorry, but I doubt you have a leg to stand on.

  Forum Editor 10:38 16 Nov 2003

Having just set yourself in business I would have thought you have more serious things to think about than whether your computer is going to be a nanosecond faster or slower than the next one along.

Whether or not Apple's machine is/was the fastest personal computer isn't really the issue here is it? Surely what you're interested in is whether or not it will prove to be an efficient and capapble working tool - and it will.

I you bought a computer simply because you wanted to own the world's fastest machine I suggest that you've got your priorities wrong - your main concern now, surely, is to earn a living, not worry about whether you can prove Apple wrong -which you can't. This obsession with speed gets in the way, and it's not what serious computing is all about.

  [DELETED] 13:22 16 Nov 2003

The G5 is stormingly fast, and that's about as much as you can say for any high end computer.

When the G5 was released there were a great many raised eyebrows and question marks over the claims made by Apple; in fact, we've had this conversation on this forum alone several times already.

If you do heavy graphics work you'd be far better served by buying a machine with one of the dedicated graphics cards that cost almost as much as most computer systems do on their own. Graphics workstations cost a lot and for good reason. This is effectively what Apple produced with the G5. It is, more or less, a very fast machine with excellent graphics capabilities and Photoshop is and always has been one of the mainstay applications for Apple computers.

In fact, some of the G5 tests were suspicious simply because anyone who knows Macs over the years knows that Apple, like the PC maker counterparts, often produce figures based on optimised software or tasks, which give misleading and quite general results.

When the G5 was released, whether or not you believe tha davertising hype, it scooted past any mainstream PC for Photoshop and similar tasks. I'd imagine though, that any one of a number of high end PCs and individuals who overclock their systems could have trounced Apple's facts and figures.

Just enjoy using your Apple when it arrives, assuming that you are also investing in one of the emulators that will allow your Windows software to run on it, or new Apple versions of your application software to use with it.

At the end to the day, buying a system because it is (allegedly) the fastest thing on the planet is not necessarily the best basis to make your purchase on and nobody held a gun to your head.

I personally don't care a hoot if any of my G4, G3 or Microsoft computers take a little longer to open Photoshop or a few seconds or even minutes longer to render 3D and video. What I have works, it works well and on that basis alone, I would have not considered the G5 because, at the moment at least, I don't need it. Do you ?

All this speed this and power that is entirely relative. Show me a fast standalone system and you'll find one faster somewhere else or next month. Just accept that whatever you buy now is about as good as it can be given the date of your purchase, but there is not such thing as the most powerful or the fastest computer for your purposes since machines that can genuinely claim that kind of title are normally clustered servers all running a hand written OS and dedicated to specific tasks.

Best regards


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