wireless networking 3 machines

  silliw 21:55 05 Jul 2003

I have recently managed to connect 2 machines as a peer to peer home network using usb wireless adaptors. However a friend asked me to network three home pcs (2 desktops 7 1 laptop) using similar usb 802.11b adaptors.

He want to be able to share all pc resources between machines including his broadband internet connection on his main desktop. He has two printers, one on each desktop. Two machines run XP and one runs 98.

As i am only just into networking can you explain what additional kit he will need if the internet host is not left on all the time for the other machines to connect to the internet.

otherwise can anyone recomend a good and simple networking site.

Thanks in anticipation.

  LastChip 22:46 05 Jul 2003

If you don't want the host machine left on all the time, you will need a wireless router, click here (for one of many), and then wireless network adapters for each machine.

The router connects to the internet, and the machines to the router!

  silliw 23:21 05 Jul 2003

I assume if the host is left on all the time, then the three usb wireless adaptors are all he needs then or will he need an access point somewhere?

  jazzypop 00:58 06 Jul 2003

He has a variety of choices - see my recent answer to the same question at click here

To recap...

1. Just put a wireless card in each, and they will operate in a peer to peer network.

2. Install a wireless router (essentially a switch with a wireless access point, and also containing an ADSL modem if required).

3. Leave one PC switched on, acting as the 'gateway' PC - otherwise, it is the same as option 1. above.

  silliw 13:59 06 Jul 2003

many thanks for your help. I will see if he is willing to hand out some more cash for a router or if he will just go peer to peer.

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