Wireless between XP and new Vista machine.

  Baskerville 09:15 20 Nov 2007

Hi All,

I had a HD fail on my old computer which I ran from a wireless network which worked fine both machines worked well, the machine with the hd fail was an old one so I decided to throw it and get a new Aldi laptop (my first laptop) my main computer is xp, the computer I got rid of was 98se but they worked well on a wireless connection.
Now I want the laptop to be the main comp in the house with this xp machine taking the place of the one I threw, can anyone help as to what needs to be done to make my xp machine and the new Vista laptop share a wireless connection? I have not set-up the laptop yet as I need to move this one upstairs, it is running Vista Home Premium, I have seen on PC Advisor that some vista users are not happy with the new operating system but that may (I hope!) not be an Issue for me.

Thanks to all that help,


  MAJ 09:21 20 Nov 2007

I would be slightly miffed if the laptop didn't just pick up the wireless signal and share the connection automatically when you switch it on. You'll have to enter your security password of course.

  Baskerville 19:51 20 Nov 2007

Thanks for that, if it works that simply I'll be well chuffed, I thought I may have to configure some settings or other.


  MAJ 20:08 20 Nov 2007

I don't know Aldi laptops, Baskerville, but there might be a switch on the laptop to enable the wireless function, so check out the manual first.

  DrScott 23:39 20 Nov 2007

I assume your using a Wireless router. In which case it doesn't matter what OS you're using, as each connects to the router as an independent machine - I have an XP lappy and a Vista desktop both connecting to the net wirelessy without problem (well except for the useless wifi card in the desktop but that's another story!)

  Baskerville 21:07 21 Nov 2007

Put the wireless receiver in the laptop to see if it would connect to the internet but it will not?
The new Vista machine cannot detect the network the receiver is working fine and the software all loaded up ok, do I have to do something else? also I want the new laptop to be the main computer not a slave can anyone help ?

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  Halmer 21:46 21 Nov 2007

pressed the wireless button?

  MAJ 21:48 21 Nov 2007

What do you mean by 'wireless receiver' Baskerville, do you mean the wireless modemrouter via ethernet cable or do you mean the USB dongle.

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  Baskerville 23:23 21 Nov 2007

Not sure what you mean with the 'dongle' one USB wireless connector is connected to my main computer and the other one is (or used to be) connected to my old computer and they could both 'talk' recieve or connect to the internet ie the main computer when on was the main comp, if the upstairs computer was turned on before the donwstairs computer it was not on the internet the main computer had to be on, then the upstairs computer worked on the internet.
But it seems the new Vista laptop cannot see the main downstairs computer, but then again I want to run the same system ie the laptop as the main computer and my soon to go upstairs 'old' computer I would like it to be the slave and not the main computer if you get me??

I have pressed the wireless button !


  MAJ 23:40 21 Nov 2007

This is what I mean by a USB Dongle, Baskerville. click here

Your new laptop shouldn't need one of these because chances are excellent it will have an integrated wireless adapter and be what's called 'wireless ready'.

You say the Wi-Fi card in your desktop is useless, so it would be a good move to get a USB wireless adapter (dongle) for the desktop.

I'm assuming your main BT

  MAJ 23:49 21 Nov 2007

I'm assuming your main BT phone socket is downstairs, which is where you will position your wireless modem router.

Load the CD that came with your Wireless modem, into your desktop and run it. That will guide you through the installation process for the wireless modem. It should also have come with instructions on how to set the wireless modem up, security settings etc. It will tell you at what stage of the setup to connect the wireless modem to the desktop with an ethernet cable. The ethernet cable will also have been included with the wireless modem package as will a thinner phone-type cable which connects the wireless modem to the BT phone socket. After all the set up has completed, you can disconnect the ethernet cable and work wirelessly on the desktop, provided either, your WiFi card is working correctly, or, you have bought and installed a new wireless adapter (dongle). Your Vista laptop should then pick up the wireless signal from the wireless modem and connect wirelessly also. You can now move the desktop upstairs, leaving the wireless modem plugged into the BT phone socket downstairs.

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