WinXP upgrade on a basic machine

  Dumfy 13:07 12 Aug 2003

A friend of mine has asked me to upgrade her PC to run Windows XP. At present it?s running Me and will be a full wipe and clean install.

The PC?s spec is as follows and is a PC World derivative:

eMachines eTower 667 combi
667Mhz Celeron Processor
64MB Ram
on-board sound and graphics
56K Modem

The system is very basic and I was wondering if you think it?s capable of running XP. I have my suspicions that it won't. Will I need to get updated drivers or will XP already have them? I?ve checked the eMachines web site for drivers and updates, but there?s not much there. I?ve e-mailed them directly but the response is slow. Where else could I get the drivers should they be needed?

All thoughts & suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


  M7MAK 13:18 12 Aug 2003

use the windows update site after you install xp most of the drivers will be there, you will need more ram about 256mb other wise it will run slow, your hard drive is and processor are fine.

  Dumfy 19:48 12 Aug 2003

a bump back to the top of the list..

  powerless 21:02 12 Aug 2003

The RAM will let the system down.

click here Quick! :-)

click here Slow! :-(

  Djohn 22:32 12 Aug 2003

As above, it will work fine, but need to up the memory as already stated. j.

  Dumfy 10:45 13 Aug 2003

Thanks for the help and inputs everyone.

I'm to get some more RAM then!



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