Windows Vista Home Premium & Mac OS 10.5.2 x86

  Mogsy21 01:24 04 Jul 2008


I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 1718i laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. I am trying to dual boot it so I can have Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.5.2 x86 (Intel Version) But so far not so good!

It installs fine, but when i finish installing Mac OS it asks me to reboot... fine I did this... When it reboots it dont go past "Still waiting foor root device".

When I installed it I customised the installation so its got the latest Intel Kernel and everything else needed for it to run on an Intel Chipset. The partition was originally FAT32 (Which according to forums was what I needed to do!). And it still will not boot! Does anyone know anything I might be missing out? It has been racking my brain for weeks!

If you know of any ways to do it, can you please drop me an email to [email protected]. Any help or advice will be great!


  Mike10C 08:20 04 Jul 2008

Craig, the forums I have seen, show that installing OSX onto a windows PC is a very complex process.Involving certain hardware, and needing modification of the OSX programme. But the other way round works fine and is easy. If you have an intel Mac you can install Windows in an option boot with Boot Camp which comes with the new OSX Leopard. Or if you install a Virtual programme such as Fusion or Parallels you can have dual boot, or multi boot.
I am running Vista on an iMac and it works very well for most of the things I need, but fast games do need better video cards.

  bremner 09:31 05 Jul 2008

PearPC is one of the best ways to run OS X on a PC click here


FYI it is a guaranteed way of getting spam by the bucketful to post your email address on this or any other forum.

  Mogsy21 16:06 09 Sep 2008

Thanks bremmer i'll take a look at that link a bit later on when I get more time. I haven't recieve any spam at all when I posted my email address up on here funnily enough lol. But yeh... Thanks for the link I will take a look into it and get back to you with what happens.


  Ashrich 00:07 28 Sep 2008

I've done one of these installations on an Advent 4211 successfully , but it does require an altered version of Leopard ( Kalyway 10.5.2 , Leo4all etc. ) plus any of the drivers (.kexts) that may be needed . Have a look through the Insanely Mac forums or similar and see if anyone have achieved the install on your laptop .


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