Windows Update Causes Machine to Reset.

  [DELETED] 23:41 15 Sep 2003

Hi everyone,

I have a bit of an unusual problem with a friends PC. The machine is a Mesh Matrix XP1700+ which is a little over a year old. The machine loads Windows XP home to the welcome screen, when you click on an acount name to access windows the machine restarts itself. My friend said that he had not done anything except install a Windows update, being a sceptic I did not think it would be Windows update and so played around for a while all with no success. In the end I took the machine away and did a full format and reinstall of Windows XP. Once the machine had windows Xp installed I went to the update site and downloaded SP1 which worked fine, then there were 25 other critical updates to download, as soon as these files were installed the problem started again. As there was no other software except for windows and the drivers for the cable modem, it has to be windows update which is causing the problem (and probably one of the recent critical updates as the machine was kept automatically updates). Fortunatelty I ghosted the machine after the install of Windows but I'm still left with a machine which I can only update to a certain point. I have not yet identified which critical update causes the problem as it is getting late, but it must be the latest one or two.

I was thinking about updating the mobo BIOS, but I would rather understand the problem before taking this step.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, as I've been scratching my head over this one for a few hours now.

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