Windows 8 Networking with XP machines problems

  griffo 20:36 26 Feb 2013

I have just added a Windows 8 laptop to an existing home workgroup comprising 2 XP PC's.

When using the laptop wireless, the W8 laptop can see the 2 XP machines and their shared folders/files. The 2 XP PC's can see the W8 laptop but none of the shared items, only an entry in the 'my network places' list saying 'users on xyz laptop'.

In 'view workgroup computers' on the XP machines, the laptop appears but when double clicked, a dialog box called 'connect to xyz laptop' appears and it asks for a user name and password, which I don't know.

When I plug the laptop into the router by cable, the XP machines can see the shared folders on the W8 laptop but access is denied.

Can anyone advise please?

  mgmcc 21:53 26 Feb 2013

When you boot up Windows 8 do you not get a screen showing your "Username" and then have to enter your "Password"? If so, these will be the details required to access the Laptop's files over the network.

Ideally, you should have the same Username/Password on all computers in your network.

  griffo 22:08 26 Feb 2013

thanks for the reply. I have tried that but it doesn't work. Also, it doesn't really explain the differences between wired and wireless?

  griffo 07:19 27 Feb 2013

mgmcc - my apologies, you are quite right, I had put in the wrong details - Doh! So thanks again.

I am still puzzled why the behaviour is dufferent when using wireless though.

  griffo 07:22 27 Feb 2013

Another question, why don't any of the shared items on the W8 laptop, show in 'my network places' on the XP machines? I have to go to 'View Workgroup Computers' to login to the laptop before anything is visible/accessible.

  mgmcc 14:51 27 Feb 2013

"I am still puzzled why the behaviour is different when using wireless though."

It shouldn't make any difference whether you connect "wirelessly" or by ethernet cable, so I cannot offer an explanation.

"why don't any of the shared items on the W8 laptop, show in 'my network places' on the XP machines?"

Try installing the Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder from Microsoft's website in the XP PCs and see if that resolves the problem. Although the article mentions networking XP with Vista, it almost certainly applies to XP with Windows 7 & 8 too.

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