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Windmill keeps running especially when on Safari

  artycrafty41 19:02 11 May 2017

Since I updated to Sierra I have had trouble with the windmill continually running especially when on Safari. When I first go on the web it is not too bad, but the longer I am on it the worse the windmill appearing gets, so in the end it will not open web pages properly. I has also got a bit slow altogether. I have done a manual clean up of my iMac and cleared all my history from the web but nothing has made any difference, I have over 300 GB free on my hard drive. Although I am computer savvy when it comes to using programs I know very little about the running of the computer so would need any answer to take that into consideration. Hope someone can help as it is driving me nuts.

  wee eddie 19:35 11 May 2017

If your Computer does everything, but the Internet, at normal speed. Suspect your connection speed.

  artycrafty41 17:05 12 May 2017

We are getting 27.9 which is good for this area. It seems more to do with the computer. When I first tried to answer this, I had been on the internet for a while and it had started to slow, I was having such a job trying to type an answer I had to restart my computer. This is the only thing that solves the problem for a while, but I am getting fed up with having to keep restarting my computer. The windmill also puts in an appearance when for example photo editing or working in my graphics program.

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