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Will removal of hdd leave any personal data on ima

  07941290350 08:25 04 Jul 2020

Hi can someone tell me, if I remove the Hdd from my iMac would any personal data be left on it? I can’t put it back to factory settings/erase all data as it currently has no display, so was just going to give it away as spares or repair. Thanks in advance

  wee eddie 08:44 04 Jul 2020

All the Data that was on it, will still be on it.

I'm not a Mac Person but, if we were talking Windows, we would be recommending Formatting those parts which was not the OS - several times.

How to do that without a screen - I will leave that to the Mac cognoscenti.

Have you tried to workout why the screen is not working? It could be fairly simple to replace.

  07941290350 08:53 04 Jul 2020

Yes, I’d taken it into Apple and as it’s a bit of a dinosaur 2010 21.5inch model they don’t repair anymore, and spoken with third party repairers and they reckon I’d be chucking money at it.

  wee eddie 10:11 04 Jul 2020

In which case: take out the HDD and put it in a Vice, or whack it with a Sledge Hammer

  bremner 10:25 04 Jul 2020

Formatting a drive on any OS does not remove the data however many times you do it.

If you want to keep the drive to re use in future then take it out of the computer, put it is a caddie and connect it to any other computer and run a program like Eraser or CCleaner. This will overwrite the data making it to most intents and purposes unrecoverable

  07941290350 11:30 04 Jul 2020

The hdd isn’t the issue as I am going to remove it and fit it to a caddy and continue to use it on another Mac, what I’m asking is will the actual Mac that I remove the drive from have any retrievable data on it? If someone decides to fit new drive and repair display?

  Pine Man 14:26 04 Jul 2020

'will the actual Mac that I remove the drive from have any retrievable data on it?'

No. Any data that might have existed in the internal RAM is lost when the unit is powered down.

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