Will a DX10 GFX card go in a DX9 based machine?

  jaymus 10:12 08 Nov 2007

I have a two year old PC with a PCI Express interface and an nVidia 7800 GTX (DX9) GFX card. It runs XP home edition. What I would love to know is can I put a DX10 GFX card in this machine? Would DX10 run on an XP machine? Or is DX10 a Vista only thing?

  RobCharles1981 10:47 08 Nov 2007

What is your current hardware such as your CPU and your Ram in particular its Speed?

If you get a Directx 10 Card with what ever you got it will bottleneck your CPU and Ram which won't perform as good.

  jaymus 10:50 08 Nov 2007

RAM is 2gb and CPU is 2.4ghz Athlon. My question was more to do with will DX10 work on an XP machine?

  I am Spartacus 10:56 08 Nov 2007

Only works on Vista click here

  dazza39 11:01 08 Nov 2007

You would have to upgrade to Windows Vista for it to work I believe.

  jaymus 11:07 08 Nov 2007

Thanks everyone. Would the new card run DX9 though?

  RobCharles1981 11:08 08 Nov 2007

I have the Nvidia 8800 GTX on My Dual Core XP machine works like a dream.

  jaymus 11:13 08 Nov 2007

Thanks - just to confirm, it works like a dream but only runs DX9 year?

  jaymus 11:15 08 Nov 2007

Sorry typo - year should be yeah. My bad. Just to confirm Rob that your 8800 runs DX9 only but works great?

  umbongo(uk) 15:24 08 Nov 2007

dx10 grfx cards work with xp but you cannot enable dx 10 within xp as xp software is asigned upto dx 9

it is a vista supported technology so if you planned to upgrade to vista this would then enable dx10 to use with your gfx card that is dx10 capable

grafix cards will go back to using dx9 as they are backward compatable and will play dx8 dx7 etc
just like the one do,s already in your system

  Gamer555 16:45 08 Nov 2007

Yes, a DX10 card will work with XP. It just won't be running the DX10 part. It will be DX9 instead. The 8800gts for example is DX9 and DX10 so you will have no problems. If you ever upgrade to Vista, DX10 can be enabled.

A DX10 card with XP will kill any DX9 games!

You will notice a big difference going from a 7800 to a 8800.

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