Why should I not buy an iPad?

  stlucia2 21:38 01 Sep 2012

I've been a happy Android user for several years now, with my HTC Desire phone. I'm now looking for a tablet computer, and initially thought I'd go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, partly because it runs Android, which I'm used to, and partly because it gives Apple a good run for the money.

But, with the new Apple iPad having such a better screen resolution than all the opposition (twice as many pixes in each direction), I'm thinking I should go for it instead. Any good reason why I shouldn't? My main uses will be reading books via Kindle, managing my email via WiFi, playing Angry Birds, and mapping. Is the mapping that comes with iPad as good as, or better than Google's that I get on my phone, and does the WiFi only version not have GPS? Lack of GPS would be a show-stopper for me, which would force me to buy the "cellular" version if I were to go for the iPad.

  Woolwell 22:21 01 Sep 2012

Currently the iPad uses Google Maps but that will change iOS6 which will bring its own Apple Maps app which is reputedly as good. I suspect that Google Maps will be still available as an app though.

Wifi only version does not have GPS.

As far as I am concerned it is the best tablet.

Suggest you go into a store and have a play with one.

  stlucia2 23:01 01 Sep 2012

According to the Dixons Heathrow ads (I'll be travelling soon, and hope to buy duty-free), the new iPad currently uses iOS4. Do Apple automatically update the iOS, or are you stuck with whichever version it comes with?

Another question, what does "Assisted GPS" mean? Does it mean that GPS only works if one's using 3G, or will it work if I don't mount a SIM card (or switch off 3G)?

Lastly, the Apple Store ad says "...your iPad will work only with the carrier you choose...". Does this mean there's no such thing as a SIM-free version of the 3G (or is it 4G?) iPad, and I would get locked-in to a carrier?

Sorry about all the questions, but Apple is a mystery to me at the moment.

  bremner 10:11 02 Sep 2012

The current iPads come with iOS 5 with 6 due this month and to date each update has been available for each version of iPad.

All 3G iPads are SIM free and unlocked when bought from the Apple Store although they offer SIMs from 4 providers if you want to buy from them.

  bremner 10:15 02 Sep 2012

Assisted GPS means it needs a cell or wifi connection to work.

  stlucia2 11:19 02 Sep 2012

Thankyou for the help.

For my needs I'm coming to the conclusion that Samsung is the best value for money, for to get GPS with an iPad I've got to get 3G, which I don't otherwise need. Pity about all those extra pixels though!

  stlucia2 21:46 02 Sep 2012

Sorry guys, I'm still struggling with terminology:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 comes with "A-GPS". According to Wikipedia, that means it has GPS capability that's somehow enhanced to make it more reliable where satellite visibility is patchy.

I just want to be sure that Samsung don't mean something different by that term -- e.g. it calculates position from cell masts alone, and doesn't actually have a satellite GPS unit.

  Woolwell 22:11 02 Sep 2012

I prefer to go Samsung's site and check the specs rather than rely on Wikipedia. The Samsung Galaxy Tab does indeed have AGPS = Assisted GPS.

What is AGPS

  Forum Editor 00:38 03 Sep 2012

Get the iPad - nothing can touch it at the moment. I did a great deal of research before deciding, and I am sure I made the right decision in getting my iPad.

This market sector is very 'hot' at the moment - there is almost certainly going to be an iPad 'Mini' launch before the end of the year,and Amazon will announce a new Kindle Fire this week. We can expect all kinds of activity in the market before the end of the year, but for now the iPad is still the clear leader.

AGPS basically works by hiving off a lot of the work to a remote server, so your device doesn't have the overhead. The drawback is that the server can't use standby satellite signals.

Go for the iPad - I'm sure you won't regret it.

  chub_tor 07:48 03 Sep 2012


Get the iPad - nothing can touch it at the moment. I did a great deal of research before deciding, and I am sure I made the right decision in getting my iPad.

I could make a similar statement about the Samsung Galaxy 10.0 - I equally have no regrets about buying it and I am sure that I made the right decision in buying it.

For a comparison take a look at this website from DeviceGuru,

  stlucia2 07:59 03 Sep 2012

Thanks for that link Woolwell, it's more-definite (to my suspicious mind) than what I found on Wiki.

FE, I'm aware of your liking for the iPad from my previous research, and I must say the screen specification attracts me. But no GPS unless I buy the 3G/4G model is the killer from my point of view.

Thanks for all the input. I've made up my mind now, it's going to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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