which wireless router for pc and macbook

  pupski 12:06 04 Oct 2007

I have broadband provided by Virgin (previously ntl) I think it is cable(or digital) as it seperate to the phone and tv. I currently have a Linksys router and that works fine with the pc and two laptops.

The problem is my son has just boght a new macbook and he can't connect to broadband via the Linksys router. We have tried everything, going through lots of technical stuff on the phone with both Linksys and Apple so we have come to the conclusion that we need a new router.

Does anyone have any idea what router would work successfully with all our computers?

  mgmcc 12:49 04 Oct 2007

I think it is unlikely that the problem lies with the router. A computer, regardless of operating system, connects to a router using TCP/IP protocol and either an ethernet cable or "wirelessly", again using industry standard protocols - 802.11b or 802.11g.

I have a MacMini into which I plug a Belkin USB Wireless Network Adapter and this connects fine to a Linksys WRT54GS router with Virgin Cable.

The other routers I use are a D-Link DI-524 and Netgear WGR614, but it really doesn't make any difference.

Can the Mac connect to the router with an ethernet cable?

  mac_damage 17:22 04 Oct 2007

could it be the encryption!!!? I had to change my encrypytion to WEP 64 bit as my MacBook would connect and thats to a Belkin F5D7630, Aye its a few years old but still works fine.

  mgmcc 19:47 04 Oct 2007

A newly bought MacBook ought to be able to connect with the more secure WPA encryption rather than WEP.

  pupski 10:17 05 Oct 2007

it could be encryption - but I'm not sure how you fix that. The problem is that the macbook doesn't get an ip address. It works fine on other people's wireless networks though - it seems to be a problem specific to our router. I'm pretty sure that it still didn't work when connected to the router with a cable. I'm not sure whether we tried connecting it directly to our ntl box but I presume it would work then.

It is the wireless router that seems to be the problem.

  mgmcc 07:35 06 Oct 2007

<<< It is the wireless router that seems to be the problem. >>>

If you already have a (desktop) PC and two laptops successfully connecting to the router, then the problem isn't with the router.

Connect the Mac by ethernet cable to the router, then go into System Preferences, select the Network applet then highlight the entry for "Built-in Ethernet". Click the "Configure" button at the bottom.

If "Configure IPv4" is set to "Using DHCP", you should have a 192.168.1.x IP address allocated by the router. Is that showing correctly?

  pupski 11:28 07 Oct 2007

no it is showing

I think we got this far before and then couldn't get any further. For some reason it is not picking up the internet ip address

  mgmcc 15:50 07 Oct 2007

If you click "Renew DHCP Lease", does the IP address update to the correct one?

  pupski 19:21 07 Oct 2007

no it doesn't

  pupski 19:22 07 Oct 2007

in settings it says we are connected to internet but there is no ip address

  mgmcc 22:43 07 Oct 2007

What happens if you allocate the addresses manually?

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Router -

DNS Servers - and

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