Which is recommended iOs for 16Gb 5s?

  grahammcgeachy 10:40 12 Sep 2015

I am awaiting delivery of a 16Gb 5s which is running iOs 7. I do not run a lot of apps or take videos. Just a few photos and social media. Which iOs do you recommend, leave it on 7 or change to 8 or 9?

  Taha12 11:35 12 Sep 2015

Don't update it until iOS 9 comes out it has some pretty cool features so wait patiently

  Govan1x 08:23 13 Sep 2015

3 days before iOS 9 is due for release. Best maybe waiting a week before you download it in case there are any problems found with it.

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  Macworld 12:18 14 Sep 2015

As the others have said - iOS 9 will be out on Wednesday night. Worth waiting till then to update, rather than update to iOS 8 and then go to 9 a couple of days later.

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