Which PSU for IDE Machine ?

  Furkin 11:08 09 Jun 2010

ACER T120 D.Top M.B: KM400 + Athlon 2400+. XPpro SP3. 2(max)Gb RAM. PSU: FSP200-60A

Due to a slight problem with my machine, I have decided to upgrade my PSU.
I intend to update the rest of the inside as I go along, so I can future-proof this side of it now.

I was thinking of upgrading to around 400w,,,, but I now see dozens of up to 1000w at reasonable rates.

Am I right in thinking that as long as the replacement unit has MOLEX and 20/24pin MB conns, it will be suitable for my unit ?

Am I also right in thinking that ones with MOLEX AND SATA will allow me to either add a SATA drive (or replace an IDE one with SATA) or do SATA drives need different M.B's ?

[email protected] have some great PSU's and up to 800w for £30 or less (they have just recommended LN28579, but that seems very basic compared to lots of others for similar or even less money).

I can see some 600-800w items with 2 x 12v rails of 20a,,,,,, which seem good to me.

(and of course they may add one to Today Only list)

Any recommendations or advice welcomed.

Thanks for reading.

  gengiscant 14:40 09 Jun 2010

Do not buy a cheapo psu for all sorts of reasons, here is a pretty good list,but it all depends on your spec now and in the future.click here
Obviously this list does not contain every PSU, so do your research, or post back here and I'll have a look.

  Furkin 11:01 28 Dec 2010

coming back to an old post,,,,
I have just bought a Samsung 1Tb SATA HDD & have a PCI adaptor card on order. My opticals will still be IDE.

I think it's now time to re think the PSU thing.

Thanks G for that link. It does list dozens of items, and opinions. After going through about half of it, it all became just numbers & figures - and as usual, not really applicable to my machine.

My first thoughts ([email protected]?) were 2 x 12v rails and modular would do the trick ! Does this sound about right ? If so, I think (there I go again - thinking !) that 400/500w would be ample for my use, both now & in the future.

I am disabled and on a budget, but I want to future proof as much as I can & looking for VFM (Value for money) = that isn't '£ per watt' but '£ per usability'. I also need to consider connectability (ide + sata).

all advice gratefully appreciated


  onthelimit 11:15 28 Dec 2010

I've had success with the iCute click here. The link is to a 400w one, but Maplins do a whole range. Very quiet fan, which I like.

  chippy+ 12:06 28 Dec 2010

Furkihi I have 6pcs and have changed all psu to corsair 400w from novatech because of how quite they are, I build pcs as a hobby and have tried a few psu make sure the company you use give an exchange if you are not satisfied i bought a psu from a well kown retailer when I took the so called quiet fan home it sounded like a hoover i took it back only to be told I had used it and would not exchange it

  Furkin 13:32 28 Dec 2010


click here

click here


Thanks Chippy: will look into those also,,,

  gengiscant 13:48 28 Dec 2010

As you have not given a budget it is a little difficult to suggest anything decent, but I was going to suggest the first one,the Powercoler but certainly not the second.
The Corsair 400 would be my choice.

  Furkin 16:09 28 Dec 2010

The 'first' one is £37 today.

I don't have an 'actual' budget per item, but like everything else - it's subjective.
I could run to £50 on this item - give or take a couple of quid.

Will look at Corsair after dinner - tho' I did read - six months ago - that opinion was quite divided on the brand. As you know, my machine is a home one, so not critical, but that's not to say I want to replace it again soon.

cheers folks.

  Furkin 19:38 28 Dec 2010

Well,,, I did look at Corsair,,, but they are almost double what I wanted to pay. I know that it's an important part, & if I have to spand that, I will.

Before I jump in, can anyone recommend something at around £50 ?


  gengiscant 09:50 29 Dec 2010

This is a very fair PSU which just about ticks all your boxes. The OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W.
click here

  Furkin 11:52 29 Dec 2010

Many thanks Gengis for taking the time to seek that one out. As you say, it does seem to tick 'my' boxes, & I think it's the one to go for.
I'm now looking for fastest delivery.
It's a pity that SCAN don't sell this model, as they deliver next day (ordered hdd on thur 23rd dec afternoon - despite usual "too much snow,,,, it's xmas you know ?" it was at my door the next morning - Xmas eve).

It's also a pity that I can't pick one up at my local PCW/Dixons etc to save time.

I'll report back when I sort out delivery times etc.

all the best

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