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Which MacBook should I get?

  John Lloyd 11:22 09 Sep 2019

...and what software comes as standard?

Apologies in advance for what might be a terrifyingly mundane question, but I’m in the market for a new laptop for the first time in years.

I need a laptop for work purposes, which will be for generating creative content - both text and images, still and moving (using iMovie).

I’ve got Dropbox so it wouldn’t need a huge amount of storage space, but be able to handle a good level of daily usage and at a decent speed.

Which version of the MacBook family should I focus on?

What software comes as standard, too?


  HondaMan 17:53 09 Sep 2019


  John Lloyd 17:59 09 Sep 2019

I’d like to keep it under £1500 if I can.

  wee eddie 19:25 09 Sep 2019

That pretty much limits you to a small screen and low specification model.

It might be worth thinking about a higher Spec one, about 2 year old. The after-market is full of them, sold by pampered Execs who have to have the latest and the "best!"

  John Lloyd 20:40 09 Sep 2019

Ah, thanks for the tip.

Where would I find these after-markets?

  wee eddie 20:59 09 Sep 2019

I'm not a Mac Man but, others will tell you where to look

  Jollyjohn 12:52 10 Sep 2019

Try Morgan Computers click here I have used them in the past and have always had good service.

  bremner 15:00 10 Sep 2019

Apples own refurbishment site is a good place to look click here

The whole site is currently being updated as the big launches are being announced from 6pm today

1]: [click here

  HondaMan 16:46 10 Sep 2019

I go with Bremner on this as you get an Apple warranty. You will not save a lot over a new machine, but you will get quality and (hopefully) reliability.

You might want to check out Apple Service centres in your area before committing yourself. We're lucky where I live as we have two within 15 miles.

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