Which iPad would suit a 66 year old with basic requirements

  ronlen 16:49 29 May 2013

I keep being told by friends and family who have an iPad to go for it! My present use is a laptop through my BT wireless broadband for email,web browsing, storing, bit of editing and forwarding of photos. DON'T PLAY GAMES or particularly watch films although the odd film might be considered if away from home

I have read articles on iPads, had opinions thrown at me and even had a go on my grandchildren's iPad 2. I might add my granddaughter is aged three and makes me look a TOTAL amateur.

It's probably time to take the plunge but more importantly my wife and I are going on a two week hotel break to Madeira whilst our house is on the market. Don't really want to use the hotel's internet services but they do have a Wi-Fi connection. It's so important for me to have instant access to my emails and have the ability to quickly respond and forward information and photos while away from my usual laptop and wirless broadband. So folks, which one is it to be? the basic ipad2, the better ipad3 or a mini ipad? I don't think I can or would like to afford a new ipad4. Nice and steady please... As I won't need games and probably only the odd film, what would you go for as an old amateur computer user like me? Oh, and finally where's the best place and price to buy one? Thanks for your help Ronnie Lennox

  Forum Editor 17:22 29 May 2013

Buy the iPad 2 16Gb with 3G.

You can use a micro-SIM from your mobile phone network to get email and internet access anywhere there's a signal, and it will easily handle everything you've mentioned.

The advantage to getting the iPad with retina display is if you particularly want 2048x1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch. If that's not an issue you'll save some money and have a really nice tablet.

  ronlen 08:10 30 May 2013

Thanks Mr Editor for your reply. However, must I purchase a micro-sim to access or send my emails or surf the web etc? I only have the very basic monthly orange phone package without internet use. So my ordinary mb calls abroad are quite expensive If we used the holiday hotel's wi-fi (not sure yet weather it's free) will I still need 3G to access and send my emails? Would a refurbished iPad3 16gb be a better bet but not necessarily with 3G. Does the screen have a better res' and is the 3 quicker? My thanks again Ronnie

  Woolwell 18:30 30 May 2013

A 16 Gb iPad will be fine for basic use however I prefer the 32 Gb version. I have one wifi only and link it the hotel's wifi when overseas to read and send emails and to get the UK newspaper. With the 3G version you need to check the cost of mobile data usage overseas.

  TV-Repairman 14:39 31 May 2013

I think it's 32GB (gigabyte) not 32Gb (gigabit). Pretty important difference since one is eight times larger!

The "roaming" data charge on a SIM will be somewhat horrendous. I would stick with WiFi only. Make sure you are staying at a place that offers it.

  morddwyd 19:50 01 Jun 2013

To be honest if you only have basic requirements you do not need the expense of an iPad, any decent tablet will fille the bill.

I think previous responders will agree that the iPad is top of the range in its class, and well above what you seem to need.

  Forum Editor 07:47 02 Jun 2013

My recommendation for a Micro SIM was for convenience in the UK and abroad, but of course when abroad you will be better off using the hotel's WiFi service.

Your mobile network provider will offer you a Micro SIM at a reasonable monthly cost - I think mine is around £6 a month - and that gives you as much internet access as you'll need.

If you use the hotel WiFi service you'll be able to send and receive email - you won't need 3G access for that.

If, as you say, you will only be using this iPad for "email,web browsing, storing, bit of editing and forwarding of photos." the 16 Gigabyte version will be fine.

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