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  chestnutcake 20:13 20 Jun 2012


Because I intend to purchase the new iPhone when it is released and an iPad, a friend has said there is no need to get the more expensive Celluar iPad because the iPhone will marry up to the iPad and provide cellular access when needed?? Does anyone have any advice about this please and in particular are there any disadvantages of relying on the iPhone instead of getting the cellular type?

  Woolwell 23:00 20 Jun 2012

It doesn't have to be an iPhone to work with an iPad. If the phone is capable of setting up a wifi hotspot then then iPad can link to it. The drawback is the phone's battery life is shortened. I have found the wifi only has been sufficient but it depends where you go.

  chestnutcake 07:08 21 Jun 2012

Thanks Woolwell for your helpful response. I particularly wanted to know what the disadvantages would be in not choosing a Cellular iPad and you have answered this by saying the shortened iPhone Battery life. Then again, the obverse side of the coin is that Cellular costs and wifi generally, doesn't. The ridiculous thing is except for when away from home [ not very often] I hardly use my mobile - which is a very very ancient, non-smart Nokia. Recently though, on holiday, I was very very glad of it and my iPod Touch which enabled me to send emails and go on-line. Very small though compared to an iPad. Then when you see friends with their wonderful iPhones and iPads you do notice how superior the iPad is and cannot help but want to get in on the act. The bottom line is, I want to be sure that I get what is suitable for me, hence asking questions before making expensive purchases.

  manoj9585 10:03 21 Jun 2012

If you want to buy a good ipad then you should take apple product.

  chestnutcake 10:37 21 Jun 2012

Hi Manof

Yes, I totally agree, Apple iPad is the absolute best. I am just wondering whether, if I also buy an iPhone, should I get just the wifi iPad or the one with Cellular. Decisions, decisions.

  Woolwell 10:41 21 Jun 2012

With or without 3G depends on what you want to use it for. Suggest you visit a store with one on display, play with it, ask questions and decide how you would use it away from home. If you will be constantly requiring data (at a cost) then go for 3/4 G if you can hook up to free wifi or to a phone then go for the wifi version. IMO do not go below the 32Gb version.

  chestnutcake 12:20 21 Jun 2012

Hi again Wombwell

Pleased about your remark re 32Gb minimum because I was also wondering about that as well. I am thinking about getting the 32Gb size.

My friend has an iPhone and an iPad and she said that the iPad tethers to the iPhone and therefore the Cellular model is most definitely not necessary. I do not want to be wasting my money on un-necessary things so I think your advice is sound and confirms what I have been told. If when wifi is not available, you can get access through your iPhone - [if a situation arises where there is a need ] then just a wifi model would be adequate.

I appreciate your help, Thank you

  chestnutcake 12:23 21 Jun 2012

Not to Manoj9585

Sorry earlier for spelling your name incorrectly.

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