When selling a mac does the purchaser get acccess to iLife apps too?

  benjaminjamesmason 00:09 11 Aug 2014

Hello, I am going to be selling my Macbook Pro to a family member and getting an upgrade for myself. Now when I purchased a Mac I got the usual apps included such as iPhoto Garageband and so on. What I remember is a license for these applications was associated with my Apple ID. What I am wondering now is when I have de authorised the computer from my account. When the purchaser logs in with their own Apple ID, do they also get access to such applications for free? I was unsure if they would have to purchase them separately or by de authorising my account I am relinquished the license and would obtain a new when registering with the upgraded machine.

Your advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Benjamin

  simonjary 06:55 11 Aug 2014

If you have the iLife CD or DVD then the new owner can register it for the old laptop after wiping your version. You will get the software with the new Mac.

If you don't have the iLife disc then Apple might give the new owner a coupon for iLife but certainly isn't obliged to.

More on this here.

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