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When I right-click, it automatically left-clicks

  allpinkynobrain 15:13 08 Aug 2019

I have a Macbook air and a macbook pro, each with their own magic mouse. On the macbook air, whenever I right-click with a magic mouse, the context menu appears and a left-click is automatically initiated. For example, if I right-click on a web link, the right-click context menu appears, and a left click automatically occurs. This happens every time. I've disconnected the mouse, connected a different mouse, restarted bluetooth, restarted the laptop, but it happens all the time and with either mouse connected, so it's clearly an issue with the macbook air (I can't reproduce the issue on the macbook pro). I'm running Mojave on both laptops. The air is mid-2011, and the pro is mid-2015. The issue doesn't occur with the trackpad, only a magic mouse (either one of the two that I have). This is driving me nuts - anyone have any ideas?

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