Whats wrong with my machine, sounds like a motor p

  erkmatrix 10:53 16 Jun 2006

Hi I wonder if someone could tell me what might be wrong with my Time Mirage PC, I've had it now around 4 years I think, something like that. When I boot it up and not always it makes this really loud motor noise, its stops if you knock the side of the machine and then is OK, but its doing it more frequently and thing something must need replacing. Is it a major thing does anyone know or can it fixed.


  Giant68 11:02 16 Jun 2006

Could be something rubbing against one of the fans, a cable that's drooped against the blades. Or the bearings on a fan starting to go. Could be case fan, if you have one, easy to change, or the cpu cooler fan, not quit so easy to change.


  €dstowe 11:05 16 Jun 2006

If it is behaving itself otherwise, the noise is most likely caused by a failing cooling fan.

Remove the side of the machine, make a "stethoscope" of some paper rolled up into a tube and listen near each fan in turn. Replacement fans are cheap and easy to fix. If it's the heatsink fan replace it as a matter of urgency as if it fails completely you might be saying goodbye to your CPU.

  leedaz 11:05 16 Jun 2006

Probably one of the fans, though could be the Hard Drive.Have you noticed a dip in performance, slow file access or blue screen crashes (random restarts) ? If not probably a fan. Open up the case and boot up to try and identify the source of the noise. Give the inside of the case a clean with a can of compressed air. I have used (very gently) a vacuum cleaner in the past to give the inside of the case a clean. Probably not advisable though. Good luck.

  Belatucadrus 11:07 16 Jun 2006

It could be a variety of things, but the most obvious is a failing bearing on a cooler fan. First thing is to open the case and find the culprit, you may find a rolled up piece of paper or kitchen roll paper core, useful as a stethoscope.
Having pinpointed the problem, replace the fan as soon as possible. Case fans are easy, CPU fans a little less so and PSU fans shouldn't be touched unless you really know what you're doing.

  rmcqua 11:18 16 Jun 2006

I've also heard some really weird noises from graphics cards fans, though from the age of your PC you possibly don't have one of those.

  woodchip 11:42 16 Jun 2006

I would also go for the Fan. But I think it is out of balance with Dirt build up on the fan. the comp needs the side of the case and clean the fans

  erkmatrix 14:01 16 Jun 2006

I'll do it tomorrow and hope its OK, its fine as I say otherwose so hopefully its just one of the fans needs a clean or replacing.


  wee eddie 15:40 16 Jun 2006

You have used the traditional technique which is known as a "Rubber Hammer"

As many have said, the first thing to check is the fans, but even before you do that a good internal cleanup is most beneficial.

Turn everything off.

Find a clean, dry, paint brush and a Hair drier (with the heat turned off) > take the sides off the PC > using just the tip of the brush and being careful not to touch anything with the metal part of the brush > give the insides a good brush and blow > carefully checking all the fan blades > turn the PC back on and see if you can identify the source of the noise.

With luck it should have gone so put the case back on.

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