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What size RAM to buy for MaBook Pro

  Philippa121 20:00 12 Feb 2019

Hi I’m about to buy a MacBook Pro 13”. I’ll be using it for documents, blogging, social media, research and creating an on line course. Budget is a bit tight... should I get 16GB or 8GB RAM? Some people have said I have to get 16 but others have said there’s not much difference in performance. Really appreciate some knowkesfabke advice Thanks

  wee eddie 20:27 12 Feb 2019

Unless your On-line Course involves manipulating Photographs or Film/Video, 8GB should be quite sufficient.

However, I am no expert.

  Philippa121 20:32 12 Feb 2019

Thank you. It’ll just involve some editing

  HondaMan 07:51 13 Feb 2019

The rule used to be "as much as you can afford". If it can be upgraded after purchase I'd say 8GB will be OK unless or until you find it inadequate. If it isn't possible to upgrade later, then go for 16GB as otherwise you will regret it later.

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