What should Apple do to increase iPad sales?

  Macworld 14:22 19 Nov 2014

There’s a lot of talk about how Apple’s iPad sales aren’t increasing as quickly as they were. What does the company need to do to improve sales? There’s talk of an even bigger iPad (12in) do you think that will do the job? What about the prices, should they be cheaper? Or does nobody want a tablet, after all?

  simonjary 16:53 24 Nov 2014

In my opinion, apart from getting ever thinner with more pixels there hasn't been a big enough leap forward to make older-iPad owners upgrade.

Mind you, Apple is trying to push upgrades by ruining older iPads that are updated to the latest versions of iOS!

  Forum Editor 18:33 24 Nov 2014

In 1983 Steve Jobs said:

“strategy is really simple. What we want to do is we want to put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes ... And we really want to do it with a radio link in it so you don’t have to hook up to anything and you’re in communication with all of these larger databases and other computers.”

I remember thinking 'This is a man who knows precisely what people like me want'.

Steve isn't here any more, and I've stopped thinking that Apple knows precisely what I want. I'm still using my iPad 1 on a daily basis, and - like simonjary - I haven't seen anything in the newer versions that tempts me to move up.

Sometimes, less is enough. It would be good to have a really fast iPad, but the one I would want is north of £600 - it's hard to justify.

  Menzie 14:19 26 Nov 2014

Tablets in general are in decline. It isn't because the new models aren't good but just like desktops it gets to a point where it is good enough for most people.

Most people use a tablet for the basics, surfing the internet, tapping out an e-mail, catching up with relatives on Skype, watch videos, etc. Every tablet under the sun can do that now and as the technology has matured it is possible to buy a decent powerful and reliable tablet for peanuts.

I myself currently have an Asus Memo Pad HD, it runs Android Jellybean and everything just works for what I use it for. I have no interest in upgrading to the latest models or feel left out in any way for not having Lollipop or the latest iOS.

The majority just wants something that works and will only be back to purchase again when their current device breaks.

  Forum Editor 19:34 26 Nov 2014

"The majority just wants something that works and will only be back to purchase again when their current device breaks."

I agree.

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