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  gav223 11:41 30 Jul 2011


I have had my Macbook for around 18 months and although I have had no major issues, I would like to have it running as perfectly as I can.

The only thing that I have done in all this time is install Onyx and run it a few times.

Software called Mackeeper appeared as an advert and I also installed this. After running a scan it stated that my Mac is in a critical state.

I have read other people saying that it has messed up things.

Which are the best things for me to do to clean up my Mac.


  bremner 14:43 30 Jul 2011

Why do you think it needs "cleaning up"

I have owned my two Macs for 2 & 3 years. At my office we have 75+ Macs - none have ever had a problem that necessitated them being cleaned up. They have had a harder life than you will ever give your domestic machine.

I am totally convinced that many many people in the Windows world mess their machines up with too many malware and clean up applications. One of the joys of using a Mac is that such issues very rarely enter a users head.

  gav223 10:41 31 Jul 2011

Hi bremner.

The only reason is that I have been told that they are not completely secure as most people think.

Also whenever I run the Onyx software it does perform much better.

If your saying that there's no need (and considering that you have the experience) I won't bother.


  retep888™ 11:52 31 Jul 2011

I don't have any maintenance programs on any of my Macs other than an antivirus ClamXav which you can download from click here or you can get it free from Apple store.

Macworld forum click here

Mac Forum click here

MacRumour click here

These are favourite Mac forums.

  bremner 12:15 31 Jul 2011

As with retep888 I only have ClamXav

I would forget anything else.

  gav223 14:33 01 Aug 2011

Thanks guy's.

I'll just stick with that one then.

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