What is and How do I get Apple ID

  ponytail 18:38 21 Nov 2013

My wif has just purchased a Apple( I pad WIFI 16 GB and it ask'sher to sign in with her Apple ID or create a free Apple ID Does anyone know what she needs to do as this is all new to me.

  rdave13 18:41 21 Nov 2013

This will be interesting for me also. Two new iPADS to be run near the end of next month, however, found this, Apple ID.

  rdave13 18:44 21 Nov 2013

Also these pads will be for children and so personal emails can be a problem unless you lie.

Nice post ponytail and will watch with interest.

  ponytail 19:27 21 Nov 2013

Hi rdave13 I did find your link when I googled Apple ID after creating my post.Does my wife just create her Apple ID on there and do you know what these IPADS are best used for ie can they be used as an alternative to a laptop for instance love to know what people think of them considering what they cost

  rdave13 19:39 21 Nov 2013

ponytail , I'll sort something out on the big day no doubt about it. Oldest has one and thinks it's the bees knees. Already bought iTunes gift cards so I wont have to supply my bank details. Yes create an ID, if you don't want to supply your bank details buy a gift card for iTunes or apps (no difference really) to download freebies .

For me a 10" screen, no matter how good, won't be an alternative to a lappy and to be honest a lappy to me is second grade to a desktop.

Let us know how you get on :)

  rdave13 19:40 21 Nov 2013

Just had to log in again..............

Feel like a bouncy ball here, logged in, out, in, out and shake it all about.

  Woolwell 19:54 21 Nov 2013

You need an Apple ID even if you want the free apps. An iPad or iPhone is next to useless without one.

Back to the first post - just create one and remember the log in email address and password that you will create (write it down somewhere) as you will need it lots of times.

You do not have to create emails or use emails on an ipad.

For children you can set privacy and content settings. It's under Settings - General - Restrictions eg you can limit video content. It requires a separate pin code which you can keep.

Guide for iPad - Book iPad for the Older and Wiser. I got a copy from PCA. It's good and excellent for a beginner.

The iPad is very good for instant access to the net and emails, facebook, twitter, etc and for viewing photos. You can play games but also more productive work. Battery life is excellent.

There are lots of apps for children but also have a look at the paid for Drawing Pad. Linked to a printer the drawings can be printed off. Which reminds me that the next thread from ponytails will probably be how do I get it to print.

  rdave13 19:59 21 Nov 2013

Woolwell, thanks for that. :)

  rdave13 20:01 21 Nov 2013

Woolwell, the book costs money!! What? Never in Europe. Godoogle will do for me lol.

  Woolwell 20:08 21 Nov 2013

Actually the Apple help and manual on the iPad is good. the iPad very intuitive to use. When you first get it and switch on it goes through easy set-up stages. You will need your wifi password very early on.

  rdave13 20:21 21 Nov 2013

Woolwell, wi-fi key is at hand. Good note though.

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