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  Macworld 11:37 21 Nov 2014

Macworld's forums have moved. If you have questions relating to Macs, iPads, iPhones and other Apple hardware and software, or opinions about Apple that you simply have to share, we have set up an Apple forum especially for you here, hosted on PC Advisor.

PC Advisor's forums are remarkably popular, so you should always be able to find someone who has the answer to your question. They are also fully moderated.

Be prepared for a bit of warring between Mac and PC and iPhone and Android factions, but all in all we expect that you will find a lot of like-minded people over here. Just because it says "PC" at the top doesn't mean it's all Windows – the site is very broadminded.

We'll still have all the usual articles over on Macworld.co.uk, which is still the UK's biggest Mac site and growing every day - and you can comment on those articles too. So don't be a stranger :)

From the Macworld Team

  Matt Egan 16:21 24 Nov 2014

(I'll start the 'waring': I am a long-term Rugby League fan and I always hated Eddie Waring's patronising schtick. Actually, hate is a strong term in any context!)

Welcome Chris2210. As someone who works on both PCA and Macworld I share your hopes and also a little of your cynicism. But we can but try.

As to your point about content on Macworld.co.uk, all I can say is there are more than 6 million users now, and one year ago there were fewer than one tenth of that. So the editors are doing something right, and I can't see that the content has anything to do with the demise of the forum. More users visit Macworld than ever, they just don't use the forum.

We know from years of experience on the PC Advisor forum that it takes effort to maintain a vibrant online forum. And that is something to which we remain committed.

  simonjary 16:47 24 Nov 2014

As a former Macworld Editor I'd like to endorse the switch to this spam-free, moderated platform. The PCA forums are well attended by a great group of readers who help out others whenever they can, as well as indulging in discussions on anything tech related and just about anything else (on Speakers Corner).

Early next year it will be responsive, like Macworld, so the differences shouldn't be noticeable.

It should be noted that Future Publishing stopped its Tech Radar forums some time ago, as did MacUser, PC Pro and even Macworld.com.

The PCA forums here continue to prosper, and are the perfect place for the new Macworld Apple Help Forum to reside.


Simon Jary

Publishing Director of Macworld and PC Advisor.

  Brumas 16:50 24 Nov 2014

As I cannot post twice within the hour and post to my original posting I must apologise for my double posting about my Yosemite problem - it was just another senior moment ;o}

  Forum Editor 18:23 24 Nov 2014


"I hope that doesn't turn into the inevitably incoherent slangings of fanboys vs hate everything by brand X crowd, but it's hard to be optimistic."

It will not - I will see to that, so be optimistic. Occasionally someone steps outside the rules; that happens in all forums, but when it happens here we deal with it pretty quickly.

Feel free to up and say so if you're not happy about something. I can't guarantee to fix everything, but I'll try.

  wee eddie 11:14 25 Nov 2014

As a Windows User, well since Windows 2.something or other, I'm coming to the opinion that Microsoft has lost the plot and if I need to learn a new Operating System it might just as well be from Apple.

I shall be following the new Forum with considerable interest, for the next six to eight months, until my upgrade decision will be made

  Pine Man 14:03 25 Nov 2014

wee eddie

if I need to learn a new Operating System it might just as well be from Apple.

I moved over to an iMac in July and the change couldn't have been more straightforward. There are slight changes to using it's software but, if anything, it is more logical than using Windows software.

The software that came with my iMac had excellent alternatives to Word, Excel and Powerpoint and my Windows copy of Adobe Photoshop also contained a mac disk.

I have avoided loading Apple software, Parallels, that allows you to load a copy of Windows and run Windows software within it. There is nothing that I want to do that I did in Windows that I cannot cater for with Apple software on my iMac.

Macs are more expensive than Windows PCs but, in my opinion, the extra money is well worth it. Particularly when a new operating is released, like Yosemite, and it costs - nothing!

I still have a Windows PC which my wife uses and this post isn't intended to start any warring.

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