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Weird activity on an iPhone 7?

  elsakacey 19:07 12 Aug 2019

I woke up this morning and entered my passcode, but it told me it was wrong. Over and over, until I was eventually locked out for 15 minutes. I had to force restore my phone to get into it. I immediately downloaded Norton antivirus (I used a code I bought from a pc store for my laptop as its for up to 5 devices). I googled it and apparently many people have experienced this with iOS 12, which 12.4 attempted to download on my phone overnight automatically. However, the activity on my phone seems strange but I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid. For example, I was on Instagram and I didn’t touch the screen as I was talking, then it swiped left to the next page seemingly on its own which was the camera. My internet password was also declined hours after I inputted it, and I was also logged out of Instagram on all accounts randomly. Since I restored my phone and have a paid antivirus, I feel safe but at the same time this activity made me paranoid. It’s not an old phone but a few years old and the only weird activity seems to be one app, so I’m not too worried but wanted to check if anyone else thought this was a cause for concern. Many thanks in advance!

  Forum Editor 18:00 13 Aug 2019

Moved to Apple Help from Tech Helproom.

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