Web sites on Ipad since last software update

  Newuser939 13:32 09 Mar 2013

Does anyone else find that, at least since the last software update, some web sites do not work properly on an Ipad? For example, if I click on "view one more comment" or similar on Facebook, nothing happens, and that is the case whether I use Safari or Google Chrome. Does anyone know the explanation, please?

  Woolwell 14:30 09 Mar 2013

No problem for me. The site that I find poor is PCA.

  Newuser939 14:52 09 Mar 2013

Woolwell, That makes it more complicated as my daughter and I both have the same problem quite independently on our IPads. As we have both updated the software to version 6.1.2, I assumed that it was to do with that. I am assuming that you are also on version 6.1.2?

  Woolwell 16:20 09 Mar 2013

Yes on 6.1.2. Is it just the Facebook site? I tend to use the Facebook app.

  Woolwell 16:22 09 Mar 2013

Just double-checked the Facebook site through Safari and had no problem viewing more comments.

  Newuser939 17:53 09 Mar 2013

The Facebook app works perfectly for me too, but not through Safari or Google Chrome. As you, Woolwell, seem to have the identical set up to me, I think it is going to have to go into the unsolved mystery category. Thanks for your help, anyway.

  Woolwell 18:25 09 Mar 2013

Some times when I have a mystery like this I power the iPad down completely, leave for a minute or 2 and then switch it back on.

  Woolwell 18:27 09 Mar 2013

You could try clearing history in Safari and Chrome cache.

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