Web pages load very slowly (imac on the rag)

  TomRichardson 19:58 21 May 2015

I have an frequent but intermittent problem loading webpages. I have been to the Apple store to ask for help many times but they do not help, except to tell me my computer passes the hardward tests.

I have a 2009 imac, 8GB. Often, web pages just will not load on this mac. I have numerous other devices on the same wi-fi network that do not have this problem.

When I have the problem, I can ping websites from Terminal all day with no problems.

I can force a web page to load by repeatedly clicking on a link. Ofter, web pages on other tabs that had been stuck will load when the internet 'gets unstuck'.

I have tried changing the DNS server.

The problem started under Snow Leopard, I have upgraded to Mavericks and Yosemite. I did a clean install of Yosemite. Clean Yosemite seemed okay for a while but I have seen the problem there as well.

Sometimes the problem goes away for weeks, but it keeps coming back. When the problem comes back it typically lasts for at least a few days.

I have tried to post on Apple Support, but once I log in to post a question Apple Support thinks I am using an outdated link.

This is an incredibly frustrating problem, and I am desperate.

  Macworld 10:33 23 Sep 2015

What web browser are you using? Some are better than others... If you have more than one web browser on your Mac can you let me know if they are both equally slow, or if one is worse than the other. Also, are some sites just slower than others - it might be because of things that are loading in the background and there is software that can help with this.

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