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Water Spill on MacBook Air, Go to Apple Store?

  acinod 08:28 03 Mar 2019

I recently spilled a glass of water over my Macbook Air (2012) keyboard and it immediately turned off. I started wiping the water to dry and then tried to turn it on but nothing happened. After a while, the fan suddenly was on max for a few minutes before going down to a lower intensity. The whole time the screen was not on. After a while, the fan was off and the Macbook was back to being dead. I found a youtube video that told me to flip it upside down and place it under a towel which I did but nothing worked so I'm currently storing it inside a rice bag to dry.

I'm thinking about going to the Apple Store tomorrow which would be exactly 20 hours since the accident. Is this the best course of action I should take?

I also recently replaced the battery of my Macbook. If worse comes to worse, will I be able to take out the battery (assuming it still works) and sell it?

Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 09:12 04 Mar 2019

Sometimes computers recover from accidental spills, and sometimes they don't. If you are going to spill something, water is probably the least harmful fluid because it dries without leaving a sugary residue.

Keep your MacBook keyboard facing down in a warm place, and leave it alone for a day or so before you try to start it again. Don't expect miracles.

  wee eddie 11:49 04 Mar 2019

To anyone reading this, who unfortunately find themselves in a similar position.

The crucial mistake that acinod has made is to turn it on, before he has thoroughly dried it out. Any water inside may create a Short Circuit which will burn out any parts that are wetted.

  wee eddie 11:52 04 Mar 2019

If you try to sell it, without informing any potential Purchaser that it has been doused in water, will probably get you in a position of being prosecuted for fraud

  wee eddie 14:29 05 Mar 2019

post script: It makes sense to turn off and remove the battery from any Lappy, if possible, immediately after any liquid has been spilled on it.

Do not wait to save any work. Get the Power Supply (battery) out before the liquid reaches any part of the works. A keyboard is replaceable, if the liquid goes further in that, that when there is electricity present, your machine will be dead, kaput, pushing up the daisies!

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