Warning - false e mail from "Apple"

  john bunyan 16:37 21 Apr 2017

I usually view my POP Talk Talk e mails on the web prior to opening them in Outlook. Today there was a realistic looking one addressed to the correct e mail address claiming that a Mac user had changed my Apple id password. Fortunately I spotted the sender was not the true Apple and blacklisted the sender, but it did look realistic. I checked my Apple ID still works.

  john bunyan 14:19 22 Apr 2017

Green tick as no response

  Forum Editor 18:02 22 Apr 2017

There are lots of emails like this doing the rounds all the time - I get at least one a week.

  Bumilia 18:05 11 Jul 2017

just got it. that ios how the adware sneaked into my device

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