Vista - Goodbye PC, hello MAC

  jimmy_p 00:06 02 Sep 2008

Sorry, I just needed to vent...
The Hard drive NEVER shuts up, I've switched off indexing, antivirus, defragging, but no (since new) every night it grinds away... SHUT UP!
Vista never goes to sleep mode - it wakes up as soon as I walk away from the desk. Programs randomly hang momentarily and then continue.
4GB of RAM, Vista uses 2GB. The Sidebar, Aero interface - who needs them? It's slow, constantly asking my permission to do anything (apart from fiddling with the sodding hard disk! Since going from XP to Vista my work flow has halved in speed from word processing to video editing. After using PCs since for ever, I'm now moving over to a MAC. Vista has made computing a thoroughly miserable experience :-(

  Rob_08 02:50 02 Sep 2008

Couldnt agree more, though i went back to XP instead of a MAC.

  AL47 07:35 02 Sep 2008

would never go mac but vista is going, i found out it was superfetch doing the hard drive

back to xp this weekend

  tullie 09:51 02 Sep 2008

Why so many problems?I have no issues whatsoever with Vista,and have quite a low spec laptop.I went back to XP on one occasion but soon reverted to Vista.Maybe jimmys problems are a local issue.Anyway this has all been said before,some from Vista haters,some that love Vista.

  ventanas 11:47 02 Sep 2008

More likely user than machine, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Vista whatsoever. It is vastly superior to XP in every area.
I would never begin to consider going back to XP, Its history.
But I am seriously considering getting a Mac, simply because Aperture is just about the best piece of software I've seen, and there's no chance of a Windows version coming out.

  AL47 20:20 02 Sep 2008

its partly cause my laptop is high end, sp1 wont install cause of graphics card in laptop, and it just hogs resources and i just dont see the benifit

  Quiller. 16:03 03 Sep 2008

last night:))) It ran like treacle with a Cpore2duo and 2Gb of ram. :-(

Back on went XPMC and it flies like a hawk in bright blue skies.:-))

  Rob_08 22:32 03 Sep 2008

Ummm such as ???

  Forum Editor 22:58 03 Sep 2008

and wouldn't dream of reverting to Win XP. Vista is faster on my office machines than XP ever was, and it hasn't put a foot wrong since we installed it soon after it was released. The computers are used constantly, five days a week with a variety of software applications.

We do nothing special, we simply keep Vista fully updated and make sure that we check compatibility before installing anything.

That obviously isn't everyone's experience, but that's life - it was exactly the same when Windows XP replaced Windows 98. The time came when almost everyone moved up to Win XP.

  AL47 01:49 04 Sep 2008

i havent had compatibility problems with programs just with drivers! thats what happens with special/different bits in laptops tho xp sp2 worked fine

  ShaunTheSheep 03:39 04 Sep 2008

So when im working on PC or not using it ... HDD led is all the time flashing red, and its look like Vista working all the time .... what's going on !?! :)

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