Virus;/or Trojan in MSIE'S JAVA Virtual Machine??

  mesmd 07:30 14 Jul 2004

Hi Again,
While running ad-aware 6.18 today, before finishing the scan, the screen notified me that a virus was found and instructed me to scan my computer a.s.a.p. with my antiviral program avg.exe. I run this daily anyway, just later in the day automatically. After the ad-aware scan finished, I updated definitions for the AVG viral scan and began. By the way, the ad-ware scan told me the virus or trojan horse's name was Java\ByteVerify and it was infecting the following program: c:\program files\lavasoft\ad-aware6\cache\counter.class. After scanning with my updated AVG scan, no such virus or trojan was found. I repeated the Ad-aware scan and got the same notice of this infection. I did some research on the web and some other people have experienced the same thing. Apparently, this is not necessarily a virus or trojan yet, but could be, and indicates an exploit in the msie's java virtual machine that needs a patch or it could easily be a vulnerable site for exploitation on the web by this malaware. I found no easy cures other than stay current with microsofts' updates which I do and nothing more. Can I remove from msie its java virtual machine, since I'm using Java runtime environment 1.5? Would this help? Please help if you have any advice or suggestions as we all might be at risk without a program pointing this out!! I know there are many other holes in win xp sp1 to facilitate exploitatation, but ignorance is sure bliss!! Thank you all for any remedies or added security you may add to this problem I'm now reminded of daily, everytime I run ad-aware.

  johnnyrocker 08:23 14 Jul 2004

have you tried an on like scan such as pcpitstop or trend micro? i have the same security as you and adaware does not report anything here.


  mesmd 10:01 14 Jul 2004

I know there is no virus or tojan on my computer. I used avg, norton, etc. It's just the message from ad-aware that keeps reminding me that i'm infected with a virus name: Java\ByteVerify during its scan.
I guess I could avoid using Ad-aware and never see this trash. But my research states that it is a serious exploit, at least, and could be a critical vulnerability unless it gets patched. By the way, it was present today, before I downloaded and installed microsofts new 5 critical updates today. I hoped they would fix this exploit in MSIE's browser, but it never happened. I do use Pitstop. Are you implying that they may have the patch?

  dotterel 21:21 14 Jul 2004

but I have it in my mind that MS Java is vulnerable and the cure is to disable or uninstall it and replace it with a Java download from Sun Systems. Sorry I can't give more details, but it may be worth following up - do a search on this forum?

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