chippy+ 14:25 14 Jun 2010

hi i would like to try a vitual machine on my pc can anyone tell me which i should try thanks Chippy

  robin_x 14:46 14 Jun 2010

There is Microsoft VM, but I have been buggering about with for the last couple of days.

I am impressed but while it is easy to set up, it does take a bit to sort out the niggly nagglies.

Really I just wanted a dual boot Ubuntu to mess with.

Made a Live USB, was happy, then installed it.
I don't like the bootloader screen. Want to keep my own. So took me an evening to get rid of it (in spite of backup images). Palava.

Then tried Jolicloud. Didnt like it, but at least it can just be installed from Control Panel (I am W7 64 Home Premium btw)

But it did get me thinking, dont want to reboot to another OS just to do Virtualbox came to fore again.

Only hassle with setup is a bit of lateral thinking with ISOs, shared folders and USB, CD/DVD devices.

Otherwise it comes up with "media not found machine halted"

(try a Reset instead of start new. Right click all Settings and investigate)

I had Ubuntu up and running in half an hour, XP in an hour)

click here

The check boxes mentioned in the above guide don't seem present on my vbox download, but you can find ways to enable via tabs. Just took me a while to suss out.

I still havent had time to find my many partitions and my external drive.
But can see my CD/DVD, so in worst case I can write to a CD/DVD RW and get stuff in that way till I sort it out completely.

  robin_x 14:51 14 Jun 2010

typo jolicloud installed=uninstalled

  northumbria61 15:15 14 Jun 2010

I am on Windows 7 64bit and I use Microsoft Virtual PC with no problems at all. Download from the MS site.

click here

  Sheik Yerbouti 07:26 15 Jun 2010

click here

VMWare is quality, but it costs 100 quid
You can try it for free

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