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  User-5F8D69BB-1E64-44F4-862FDEC4EC0E264F 10:19 23 Apr 2006

Teenager at college needs a computer to do video recording and editing. Has budget £500-£700. What would you recommend?.

  Forum Editor 10:44 23 Apr 2006

Without wanting to sound in any way flippant, my immediate reaction to that question is to say "a doubling of the budget"

Video editing, if it is to be at all professional in nature, requires a specially-configured computer, and really good machines of this type don't come cheap. You'll see quite a few computers that profess to be 'basic video-editing' machines, but frankly many of them aren't worth buying.

Video work stations can cost several thousand pounds, but it is possible to get one that is capaple of decent results for a good deal less than that. Having said that, I doubt that you'll find anything worthwhile under £900/1000. Certain makers tend to specialise in these machines, and if money is tight I suggest you take a look at this click here

Laptops are out as far as your budget is concerned, so you're looking at a tower. Here are a few basic tips:-

1. get plenty of RAM - you'll need it - and certainly don't settle for anything less than 1024Mb.

2. Big hard drive capacities are a must - 300Gb would definitely be my start point. Preferably go for two drives, one for Windows, and one for the video files, and make them fast - a fast hard drive is absolutely critical if you're at all serious about video editing.

3. Be choosy when it comes to your video editing card. You'll see three main contenders in this ring - Matrox, Pinnacle, and Canopus. My personal advice is to forget about Canopus, I've heard stories of major customer-service problems, and software/hardware incompatibility issues.

It's a complex subject, this, and there isn't room here for a comprehensive guide - no doubt other forum members will have their own recommendations.

  jbaker65 11:19 23 Apr 2006

While not wishing to disagree with the forum editor, I think that he is talking professional levels.
I use an athlon 3000 with an asus A7N8X motherboard Windows XP and an 80gig hard drive.
Ulead video studio 8 and an avermedia dvd gold EZmaker PCI capture card have allowed me to do all the video editing and DVD burning I want.
This setup cost only £300-400 and is kept purely for video work and all browsing is done with another computer.

I dont think he is ready for the professional set up yet. This is a college course which I think just requires him to produce some basic stuff.

  Forum Editor 12:03 23 Apr 2006

I understand that - but the question referred to a college student, and I made the assumption (possibly a wrong one) that the video-editing was a course requirement, and that a degree of professionalism was needed.

I agree that a cheaper setup would probably be OK for home use.

  Forum Editor 12:04 23 Apr 2006

In which case, something along the lines mentioned by jbaker65 would probably be OK. Most of the major suppliers will offer such a machine.

Looking long term, the forum editor is probably righ, and a bigger budget is required. If we can go up to £900(if!), PCspecialist site has some good looking specs.

  Audeal 12:36 23 Apr 2006

Saved for future use.

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