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  peter4076 16:59 07 Apr 2006

Have been given my MAC code (reluctantly)by BT, and just before the friendly conversation ended, the lady from BT said, that my MAC code is only good for one month if I want to migrate to another ISP, is this correct, can they generate a new MAC code at will.

  Batch 17:09 07 Apr 2006

Not sure what you mean by a MAC code.

A MAC address is the unique identifier that each network card has. So in your PC, each wired or wireless card has a unique MAC address that is built into the hardware and never changes.

  Batch 17:11 07 Apr 2006

BTW, similarly a router will also have one or more MAC addresses built into the hardware - again one for wired and one for wireless.

  peter4076 17:12 07 Apr 2006

I thought the MAC code/address was held by your ISP at all times and you need to obtain the MAC before you could change your ISP.

  Batch 17:14 07 Apr 2006

Seems MAC code and address are 2 entirely differnt things.

Does this help click here?

  Batch 17:16 07 Apr 2006

In any event, you could always ask the friendly lady at BT!

  peter4076 17:20 07 Apr 2006

I would Batch, but no guarantee the same lady or the 10 minute wait, with terrible Muzak in background.

doe's anybody know if your MAC code stays with you forever and ever amen.

  Souter Point 18:00 07 Apr 2006

Your MAC key is usually valid for 30 days. If you haven't changed ISP's by then you have to apply for another.

  Fingees 20:54 07 Apr 2006

MAC is in this case a migration authorisation code.

It permits the ADSL line to be transfered to a new provider, and in effect is official permission, if you like, for the migration to take place.

It usually valid for thirty days, after which permission has to be obtained again. Hence a new MAC or authorisation key.

  Fingees 20:57 07 Apr 2006

The other way it can be done is cancel your contract, and after cancellation has taken place. you can join another provider, without needing a MAC. This may take up to 10 days without a provider, whilst waiting for the new ISP to get linked up at the exchange.

  Dipso 21:55 07 Apr 2006

If you end your service with your old ISP (cease) rather than migrate you may be liable for reconnection fees which tend to be much higher than migration costs. Plus the transition would not be as smooth, you shouldn't experience any downtime when migating.

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