Using PC as a fax machine

  g40 10:40 01 Jul 2004

Does anyone know how easy it is to set up the PC to fax?
I think xp has it built in but apparently its no good?!
Maybe a freebie program that someone has found would be better, cheers, g

  Graham ® 10:47 01 Jul 2004

See for yourself

'To install the Fax component

Open Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
In the Windows Components Wizard, select the Fax Services check box, and then follow the instructions on your screen.'

  Graham ® 10:49 01 Jul 2004

Of course, to receive a fax, the PC must be switched on.

  end 11:24 01 Jul 2004

( ??really??!!)

  €dstowe 11:33 01 Jul 2004

We use an Olitec SmartMemory modem for faxing. To qualify end's sarcastic remark, it doesn't matter whether the computer is switched on or not. Messages are stored on a Smartcard. The modem can also act as an answering machine as well. Again, the power up state of the computer is immaterial.

  spuds 11:48 01 Jul 2004

You could check these out click here click here click here

  end 11:54 01 Jul 2004

(perhaps I should stay away from the forum ), however, in my work environment machines are frequently used to help keep patients alive when recovering from life-threatening problems and, of ocourse " it helps if the machines ARE SWITCHED ON", and working properly else they will do " bugger-all" for the patient.............

  end 11:58 01 Jul 2004

(sorry--no "hijack" meant or intended--....)

  Belatucadrus 12:14 01 Jul 2004

Phone / Fax :- Cheyenne bitware click here CallCentre click here

  g40 19:43 01 Jul 2004

will try some of these at the weekend, i guess that xp fax facility is not so great as no-one appears to have used it much, cheers for now,

  Fletten 20:08 01 Jul 2004

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