Using Mac as a windows PC

  HenryVII 17:58 04 Apr 2015

i have had a Macbook Air since last August, and it is a lovely piece of hardware, but after eight months I feel like binning it. It wastes so much time because of its peculiar software architecture. My Windows PC, on the other hand, in spite of Win 8, is a pleasure to use. It takes a long time to fire up, but once it's going I rarely spend much time trying to find files or puzzling out other problems. The MS directory/folder approach is simple and easy to keep organised, and I feel I'm in charge. The Mac seems to want to hide files and generally try to be smarter than me. It took me a long time to find out where my jpeg files were, for instance, and recently I discovered, after much hunting, where it stores my Kindle books. On my PC there are no such problems. With the Mac I get very little done given the hours I spend on it. The "tags" approach is great, by the way. Except that now I've got so many I don't know what's what.

I guess the answer to this is "No", but I'll ask my question anyway. Is it possible to marry the beautiful Mac hardware to the practical MS software?

I also have an iPad, by the way. Now that is a nice piece of kit, too, and it works beautifully. So Apple got something right.

  wee eddie 18:31 04 Apr 2015

I suggest that you Google "Windows for Mac". It will save me trying to explain Parallels.

I think that you will also have to buy a copy of Windows

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