Username Password Error for administration actions

  Michael Halpin 20:37 20 Dec 2017

Hello all,

I am currently having a strange issue with my username and password.

I am working on a late 2009 iMac running High Sierra. I wanted to change the username "User" and the password "password". So I went in to the user and groups, unlocked the settings, right clicked advance setting and changed the info. I resetting the computer.

I logged back in but the username was still "User" but the password that worked was the new password. Strange.

I am now in the computer so I go to install the new chrome but my username and password is incorrect :0.

I dont understand how i can get on to the computer but not be able to do any administration actions.

Can anyone help me out please?

Thank you


  HondaMan 10:01 21 Dec 2017

Can you set up a new administrator account, say "Amin" with a simple password, say "123" and use that solely to administer the computer. Then change any other accounts to standard accounts.

When I ha password problems that is what I did. To administer the computer through a user account is inviting problems.

  Michael Halpin 10:03 21 Dec 2017

I can’t unlock the system preference lock to be able to create another account. I would have to do it through the boot screen but I ain’t sure how you do this .

  HondaMan 10:06 21 Dec 2017

Start in safe mode. Immediately after your Mac starts (some Mac computers play a startup sound), press and hold the Shift key. Release the Shift key when you see the progress indicator.

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