User-friendly, efficient, cheap or free Database

  Caroline Daniels 15:49 25 Jan 2017

I am looking to download a Database App, similar to Access, for my MacBook Air. I only have names, emails and phone numbers, and need to use it to create contacts, update them with news and fundraising. I work for my local Church and do not have extensive, advanced IT skills! Nor do I have hundreds of pounds to spend. I will probably add more information over time as we progress. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

  Pine Man 16:40 25 Jan 2017

By the sound of it you don't actually need a database app.

Firstly you appear to need an app to keep control of all your contacts and Apple Macs have such an App called Contacts, which I believe is free on all models. Contacts has the capability of recording a reasonable amount of information and is easy to work with.

Next, having stored all of the contacts, you appear to need to send them all, or a selection of them, a news letter or something similar, which presumably you could prepare on a word processor that you may already have, and then mail merge those newsletters with details from your Contacts app.

If I have over simplified your requirements I am sorry but going down the road of setting up a database could be quite expensive and they are not necessarily the easiest of programs to work with.

  Caroline Daniels 16:51 25 Jan 2017

Hi Pine Man, I did think of using Contacts, but wasn't sure if I could create a folder specifically for this use. I will have another look at it.

Also was not aware that Mail Merge could be used to send emails. used older Windows versions in the past to send letters but if I can use it to send mass emails as well that would be very useful.

Will take a look and keep you posted. Thanks for your reply.

  Pine Man 17:07 25 Jan 2017

You can create as many different 'Groups' of Contacts as you like.

I didn't realise you meant emails but I'm sure that is possible with most word processors. You might need the approval of your internet/email provider to send mass emails as they might appear as spam!

Good luck!

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