Use a mac without an internet connection.

  Billy no choice 20:31 14 Mar 2018

Any one know how to get things in and out of the new MacBooks and MacBook Pro. With no USB ports and no internet connection.

Dear mac. Your new product is a rip off and useless to me. £1500 is a lot for a useless item. I don’t have the internet. Do want it. Can’t have it. Can’t rely on it to access my laptop. Thomas at Apple care tried hard to solve the problem caused by macs wireless connection a session. but there is no solution for the degradation in your product. I am committed to using mac. After 25 years as a customer. With thousands of pounds worth of software. I will be returning my new MacBook Pro to the shop.

I still need a new mac. So what do I do.

Mac charges its user double or triple for its products. Compared to compatible windows machines. This is because we expect the service that goes with that price tag. Now provided it. What is Apple Macs solution to someone using there products without internet connection. A single USB port is not adequate. The models with reasonable ports is ridiculously expensive. £500 plus pounds for sufficient USB ports. Seen like a lot. Why are the adequate ports unavailable on All of the smaller units? Over half you current range is useless to some one with out an internet connection. Apparently this will be worse on the next model. Is this the time I stop being a mac user after 25 years?

  bremner 22:41 14 Mar 2018

MacBooks and Macbook Pro has USB C ports and you can buy cheap adaptor that convert USB C to standard USB.

  Forum Editor 22:45 14 Mar 2018

"Is this the time I stop being a mac user after 25 years?"

If you don't have any access to the internet, you are going to find it increasingly difficult to use any kind of computer, let alone a Mac. Referring to something as a ripoff, simply because it is aimed at the 3.2 billion people (not far short of half the total population of the planet) who do have internet access is grossly unfair. In any case, there are ways around your problem, as has been pointed out.

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